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    The "like harvesting" facebook scam -beware

    You should be cautious and beware when you are liking a Facebook page, examine it carefully for fraudulent information and so on, because someone might be using your good or innocent intentions for malicious purposes!

    Creating a Facebook page, making it popular and followed by many by using a number of approaches, then finally selling it to the highest bidder that’s interested in spamming the willing followers is the usual operating mode and the final goal of Facebook scammers.

    The latest of these bogus pages is taking advantage of the fact that many people ask help online and on Facebook for finding persons who have gone missing.

    The page is named “Missing Persons in Australia”, and the latest notice on it is apparently asking users if they have seen a girl by the name of Amber Dang. In order to entice users to “like” the page and, therefore, to follow it, the scammers lie and say that everyone who “likes” the photo will get a $400 reward ($1,000 if she is found).

    “Rewards are not tax deductible and is paid by the National Center for Missing Persons in Australia. Anyone having information should contact National Center for Missing Persons in Australia,” the scammers add, potentially creating a lot of problems for the organization when gullible users call to collect the money.

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    Re: The "like harvesting" facebook scam -beware

    There's so many companies that will sell "likes" and it ends up being worthless spam friends that just juggle ads, mlm, and other crap to mostly nonexistent robots from multiple ip addresses.

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    Re: The "like harvesting" facebook scam -beware

    A few 'rules of thumb' to follow regarding FB... if you do not actually know the person and have never personally interacted with them then do not friend them.

    Many of us have friends we have made online... I have too. I have interacted with these people, online, for many years long before FB even existed. I count them as true friends and would not hesitate to invite them into my home.

    If you "like" a FB page... that's great! If they fill your news feed with tons of useless info or info you do not want... UN-LIKE them and the 'spam' will stop. If you do not want to UN-LIKE them then just block them in your news feed.

    Configure your security settings for maximum privacy and check it regularly.

    YOU control YOUR FB acct... not the other way around.


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