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    Spikes in Australian Email Scams

    The Australian Taxation Office, the federal agency responsible for collecting payments from the Australian citizen taxpayers, is warning of an increasing number of email scams in relation to taxes, which have grown exponentially recently.

    The ATO is warning taxpayers to protect their personal and financial details following a sharp spike in reports of tax-related email scams.
    Since June, reports from the public of 'phishing' scams have quadrupled from 3,586 to 15,441 compared with the same period last year.
    "While the public is reporting scam emails to the ATO in increasing numbers, scammers are also becoming more sophisticated in the way they trick taxpayers into handing over their personal details," Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan said.
    "We advise people to be vigilant of emails that mimic the ATO's online publications. Think very carefully before clicking on links and attachments in emails or on social networking sites.
    "The ATO will never send taxpayers an email asking them to confirm, update or disclose confidential information including your name, date of birth, home address, passwords or credit card details."

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    Re: Spikes in Australian Email Scams

    Australians are notorious for their spamming scams. Never fall for their lotteries, never subscribe, and if you confirm or even try unsubscribing.....you will be doomed forever.

    God forbid you give out your address or phone number. NOOOOO!!!:cwm2::cwm2::cwm2::cwm2:

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