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    Take Advice From Divorced People

    It seems unorthodoxed to accept advice about love from divorced people, but I am going on record saying to take advice from divorced people.

    They made mistakes, got trapped, let love or circumstances control their emotions and/or their decisions.

    Listen to people that made mistakes.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein

    Don't bring children into the world or get married unless you FULLY know. Listen to friends, family, and possibly a counselor.

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    Re: Take Advice From Divorced People

    Theres a friend of my dad that is an old school truck driver.He's like an uncle to me. Everytime I see him during the holidays, he puts his hand on my shoulder, gives it a gentle squeeze, looks me in the eyes with his worn eyes, and says "Vlad.........never get married" (as he shakes his head).

    The kicker is this........his wife is right behind him (ready to give me a hug).

    Then he goes into the living room and watches hockey with my dad.
    The women go into the kitchen and talk about nothing for 3 hrs.

    I am forced to float back and forth between rooms to keep everyone happy.

    He's proud of me being single and reminds me how lucky I am (and I only see him once a year).

    It's simple but powerful advice.
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