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    Anyone been paid by Cirmumnews.com?

    I recently joined a site called Circumnews.com and I have witnessed several red flag moments. The first red flag was a cashout of $100.00. Second red flag was reading articles for $2.00 each. How can anyone afford to pay someone else $2.00 each to read a few articles from CNN and a few other places. Third red flag was when they raised the cashout level not once but twice. It went from $100 to $300 and finally to $350.

    I have seen lots of people complain that they are close to the cashout point but that the site will not open for them. Several have said that they are only a few articles away from cashing out but there are no articles in their cheques to read.

    This is a new site and it screams SCAM to me.

    Have you heard of it? Have you or anyone you know been paid by the site?

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    Re: Anyone been paid by Cirmumnews.com?

    I just heard about this site now but will be definitely checking out. I am always looking for more ways to earn money online. I will be posting an update if it is a scam or not.

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