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Thread: UK Food Scams

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    UK Food Scams

    There are a bunch of rogue food operators using contaminated meat and diverting the government with UK food scams.

    The mafia is even being blamed!

    If the government thought it was getting a dry technical expert to conduct its review of the horsemeat scandal in Chris Elliott, it miscalculated. Elliott is professor of food safety and director of the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen's University Belfast, with hundreds of specialist academic articles on control of agriculture to his name. His report is explosive.
    Both the environment department and No 10 are said to have been deeply uncomfortable about his insistence on repeatedly referring not just to food fraud, which might be the work of "rogue" operators, but to serious food crime in the mainstream industry.
    While the report is careful not to join all the dots, and Elliott himself stresses that the scale of hidden illegal activity in our food supply is almost by definition impossible to calculate, it leaves little doubt that the UK has a very serious problem.
    Some of the most devastating information comes in a series of panels and oblique references to what he believes is really happening.
    They are showing pictures of TV dinners with stuff thats really inside that would make you gag.

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    Re: UK Food Scams

    I am always skeptical of these "organic" claims or "halal" claims too.
    Check out the Bamboo Bar When In NJ !

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