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    Perfect Invest Fund - perfectinvestfund.com

    Here's an investment scam spam I got this morning. BEWARE!:::

    New investment program now you can earn over 2.2% Guaranteed profit
    daily on your investment. visit to learn more
    ht tp://perfectinvestfund.com/?ref=powerhyip.com

    Forward a Message to Someone

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    Is Perfect Invest Fund a Scam ?

    I got this email and there's a few companies involved. But is Perfect Invest Fund aka perfectinvestfund.com a scam?

    Here's the email:

    Earn over $500 daily guaranteed. Invest in a reputable company and
    earn guaranteed income. i was paid again today. Join now and become
    rich Guaranteed http://perfectinvestfund.com//?ref=powerhyip.com

    They paid me today again see proof below.


    I got paid today.

    See payment proof below..

    The amount of 10 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account.
    Accounts: U1541845->U1751266. Memo: withdrawal from Perfect Invest
    Fund user powerhyip.com.. Date: 22:13 29.12.13. Batch: 44749245.



    The amount of 9 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account.
    Accounts: U1541845->U1751266. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. withdrawal
    from Perfect Invest Fund user powerhyip.com.. Date: 23:19 15.12.13.
    Batch: 43818184.

    Thank you

    Seems too good to be true getting paid to sign up for an investment opportunity. I could be wrong!

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    Re: Is Perfect Invest Fund a Scam ?

    don't think this is a scam i have heard alot of my friends who got paid from this program. and i have seen alot of payment proof as well.

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    Re: Is Perfect Invest Fund a Scam ?

    Perfect investment is a total scam l have many bullsh t emails from them
    Here is one loads more to post tomorrow You did not get the codes because of the non-activated status of your account.
    Activate the account for you to access everything concerning your account including the codes.

    As you could have noticed,we have done our part and credited your account.
    Remenber your account was created as a platform for subsequent funds transfer to your country.

    You have to send the money to me as the receiver through money gram.

    Everything has been put in place for the activation.

    You're* the one delaying the whole process.
    Guernsey Offshore Banking procedure will change in second week of August.
    The changes will affect most offshore deposits such as yours.

    It will be better for you to activate your account and transfer all the funds to your country.

    Your account is already in Premium Status and you can transfer all the funds on a single transfer.
    Make sure the receiving account in your country is enabled to receive huge funds.

    Send the activation fee*today*through Money Gram

    Receiver is :Walt Carnegie

    Address: England,U.K

    Always at your service

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    Re: Is Perfect Invest Fund a Scam ?

    Perfect Investment management has decided to activate your account.

    Send us your contact Telephone number.

    The activation code will be sent to your telephone.

    When you receive the code- Type #xx then shit and type in the seven digit codes* sent your mobile telephone

    to complete the activation (This will be done when you log-in to your account)

    If you receive the code,log into your account and then use it to activate it.

    Though you'll be restricted to daily transfer of 100,000.00 US Dollars.

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    Re: Perfect Invest Fund - perfectinvestfund.com


    Our customer care team has created a ticket, #597420 on your behalf, with the following message.

    You should stop sending emails to*support@perfect-investment.com

    The email is no longer used to attend to account holders at Perfect Investment Co.

    Mr Nath Josh Vanderbilt has been posted to our branch in Macau.

    Mr Vanderbilt is no longer* your Customer Care assistant.

    Your new Customer Care assistant is Mr. Walt Carnegie.

    Contact your new Customer Care assistant through email:*walt-carnegie@englandmail.com

    You should contact Walt Carnegie as he will issue you with Premium Account codes to allow you access to*

    the funds already credited into your account.

    Indicate to Mr. Walt the type of account you need.

    Perfect Investment Co. Guernsey has four distinct account listed below.


    2.Diamond Account(PICODAC*)

    3.Gold Account (PIGGA*)*

    4.Silver Account(PIGSA*)

    You can ask Mr. Walt about the new E-Channel Account (PIECA*).

    From what we noticed,Your account has been open-ended for a long time(No transfers has been made from the account)

    Do you have issues with Nath Josh Vanderbilt?

    Do you need additional information on how to operate the account and make transfer?

    Do you need a debit Card (Diamond or Gold)Debit card?

    Forward all these questions to Mr Walt Carnegie

    Designation: Head of Control and Account Activation.

    Department:Offshore Non-Domiciled Accounts.

    Perfect Investment Co. Guernsey Channel Islands.



    We wish you a wonderful banking experience with Perfect Investment Co. Guernsey

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    Re: Perfect Invest Fund - perfectinvestfund.com

    From: "Mr. J Eric Daniels"*
    Date:18/06/2014 19:19*(GMT+07:00)*
    To: DAVID h*
    Subject: Re: Hotel*

    David i have just received bank Off-shore Perfect Investment details from my insider in the bank.

    *Mr. Tony Walt Anschel
    Head Of Automation/Account Accreditation
    Location: Guernsey Channel Islands

    What you should do is to contact Mr. Tony and demand him to transfer 35,000 through internet bank transfer, here is letter i prepare that you should send to Mr. Tony.

    You should let me know as soon as you contact Mr. Tony.
    The Manager
    Perfect Investment
    Guernsey Channel Islands.

    I apply for the release of 6,000,000.00 (Six Million British Pounds Sterling Only) in account number: 202-15689-2 with initial payment of 35,000 { Thirty Five Thousand British Pounds Sterling Only}.

    Reference to the above quoted account number: 202-15689-2 of Late Mr. Charles Oswald, with credit balance of 6,000,000.00

    As the bona fide next of kin to the above named Late Mr. Charles Oswald,Holder of the dormant Reference accounts, we wish to apply for the release of the total said amount of 6,000,000.00 (Six million Point Zero-Zero British Pounds Sterling Only) in our favor from the credit balance in the said account, in accordance with National and International Laws of inheritance kindly remit the stated amount in full to our account details quoted below through internet bank transfer:

    Beneficiary Name: Miss Naramas Klakrathok
    Account: 628-7-03262-4
    Bank Name: Bangkok Bank
    Address:* 83.83/13 Moo 10 Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi
    Swift code: BKKBTHBK
    Full Amount: 6,000,000.00
    First Transfer: 35,000

    We shall therefore be very grateful if this request meets with your favorable consideration.
    Yours faithfully,

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    Re: Perfect Invest Fund - perfectinvestfund.com

    These days we have a lot of various opportunities and I think that investing peer 2 peer loans is definitely the one that shoud be considered if you want to invest. As far as loans are getting more and more popular, I think that it would be quite easy to make some money that way effortlessly.

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    Re: Perfect Invest Fund - perfectinvestfund.com

    We should be so careful before investing anywhere!

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