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    New Job Connections

    Here's a work at home scam email you have to worry about. THIS IS A WORK AT HOME SCAM!

    New Job Connections

    Accept a $1,700/Week Position

    More people than ever are earning great pay without commuting to a stuffy office. Accept the
    $1,700 per week job being offered to you below and you can work anywhere with an Internet
    connection. You can even set your own work hours. Only a few positions remain, so hurry up!

    Hurry and Accept Your Offer
    ( http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?651or-b30sq-scrl8u1&lid=306931139529f519edf330001&[email protected]&_v=2 )

    The New Rules Of Being Professional...

    Those who go out of the way to show appreciation are more likely remembered or stand apart
    from the people who overlook this small detail.

    Proceed to Read More
    ( http://trk.cp20.com/Tracking/t.c?651or-b30sr-scrl8u2&_v=2 )

    139A Charles St.
    Boston, MA 02114-3282

    THIS IS WORK AT HOME SCAM! Don't fall for it!
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    Re: New Job Connections

    Thanks for the info admin. If you have been scammed online am sure you will not fall for such an email which you can see through it that it is a scam.

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