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    BIM or B.I.M or Allan Kippax INFO WANTED

    Does anyone know anything about these guys, I know they are a rip off but my friends aren't convinced.
    BIM is into timeshare pyramids.
    What I have found so far has them being charged with tax evasion, and tax fraud.
    They also ran TTI at one point to import emeralds.
    The RCMP recently began an investigation in Toronto, they are also being invested in the US and I believe convicted in England.
    Allan Kippax is associated with all of this.
    He is a well known master scammer/fraudster.
    The research I have done also shows a criminal record involving assault, drugs and weapons.
    Currently he is working the Kelowna area, where his people will infiltrate trust organizations such as churches, make the top level some money.. and well you know the story.


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    Re: BIM or B.I.M or Allan Kippax INFO WANTED

    There's a full discussion on this at the castanet message boards. http://forums.castanet.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=14883

    The facts are:

    1) BiM is an illegal pyramid scheme as defined by Canadian law in that there is compensation paid for a new recruit, there is inventory unloading (an unreasonable amount of vacation packages), and purchases are required for entry into the pyramid. http://www.phonebusters.com/english/...t_pyramid.html

    2) Alan Kippax has been involved in illegal pyramid schemes in the past - notably Treasure Traders Internationally. Humorously, the BiM guys in Kelowna are giving away gemstones at their meetings - although these emeralds have already been proven to be worth 1-2% of their estimated (by BiM/TTI) value.

    3) BiM people try to build the value of the vacation package to be worth $15,000+. By comparing it to timeshares, they turn people's minds away from simply purchasing one vacation package at a time. Their deals aren't any better than you'd find on expedia and the company (Ultralife) did not exist prior to Business in Motion - even though they lie to your face and tell you these packages were sold for much more before their "joint venture". These are lies. Alan Kippax owns the UltraLife domain name - surely they wouldn't let their distributor run their website, would they? Of course not...it's the same company. http://who.godaddy.com/WhoIs.aspx?do...rog_id=godaddy

    4) Because of this, one Business in Motion collapses, the UltraLife product will also be pulled off the shelf. People investing like to say it's a win-win, because even if they lose their money in the pyramid scheme they still have this great vacation package. Unfortunately, it's the same company - so once they lose their money in the pyramid scheme (once it collapses), the vacation package too will vanish.

    5) There's a dedicated guy named Dave Thornton who was taken to court by Alan Kippax for calling Business in Motion a pyramid scheme. In court, he proved it was, in fact a pyramid scheme, and therefore defended himself against any charges laid by Kippax. Thornton is a bit crazy, but the fact that he proved this point is what matters. Here's the court document: http://webmusic-musiqueweb.org/WMMW_...s_thornton.pdf

    6) Lastly, BIM follows the "8 ball" model of a pyramid scheme. They try to hide it with a goofy board game that splits and whatnot, but it's a pyramid scheme pure and simple - and an illegal one at that.

    7) Okay, double lastly...people are making money on this - which might be a major convincing point for bringing your friend in. The fact is, people ALWAYS make money at the beginning of a pyramid scheme. The sad part is that no matter when it collapses, because of the mathematics involved and the fact that the bottom three levels don't receive any money (they need to reach the fourth level), approximately 88% of people will lose their money! So yes, your friend might join and make money - but his/her friends, or friends' friends, or friends' friends' friends will end up paying for it.

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