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    Is This a New Scam ??

    I recently returned home from Las Vegas. When I checked out of my Las Vegas hotel room at the front desk, I handed in my coded card room keys and ensured that my account balance was zero. I never charged anything to my room during my entire stay. A week later, I noticed charges from the hotel where I stayed were on my credit card. The transactions all posted after I had left Las Vegas (some 3 days after I had left). I immediately called my credit card company to dispute the charges and they said they couldn't do anything for me until after my "official" statement was issued. Once issued, I would have 30 days to dispute any charges. They said it was best if I contacted the vendor and sorted it out. I called the hotel and they told me that according to their electronic records, someone had gained access to my room, 30 minutes after I had checked out, and called the front desk to extend their stay for a couple of days. Since the hotel records didn't see anyone else had checked into that room, the front desk assumed it was me and subsequently charged my credit card with all the charges coming from my old room for the next couple of days (~$2000.00). After numerous frustrating calls to various hotel representatives, I was informed that upon further investigation, my coded room key was never used after I had checked out and the signatures on the room service bills did not match mine. This was enough evidence for them to refund all monies back to my credit card. Although aged, I guess that I learned that I am pretty naive. In all my years of travel, this is the first time that something like this has happened to me......actually it's the first time that I have ever heard of something like this. Is this a scam done by the hotel or do people actually wait to you check out of your room and then gain access to it and represent themselves as you?

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    Re: Is This a New Scam ??

    That is a type of scam not really practiced alot cuz it only really happens with luck somone checks out and while carrying all there luggage they forget to shut the door all the way (not saying you didnt or anything) and they kindly help there selves to the room knock on the door make sure no ones in there saying somthing like front desk or housekeeping and then they have access and they will put a DND sign up and have a field day it was really the hotels fault they let it rack up that high they could have had you come back down stairs (well that person) and re run the credit card to verify that it was really you they just took the persons word for it but at least they did refund the money back did they offer you a comp night or anything for the trouble? :

    Scam not done by the hotel its self sorry i should have wrote it like that

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