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Thread: Church Scams

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    Church Scams

    I was in the Bronx, New York last week and I swear every third office space or store front was a different church. Now they are either the most religious city in the world or these people are doing church scams.

    What's a church scam?
    1. Some people not wanting to pay taxes. (there is separation of church and state, yet churches are non profit organizations and use religion to avoid taxes)
    2. They prey on disabled / elderly people for money.
    3. They are laundering money for other illegal activities.
    4. The money they receive from donations is being pocketed by the person running the front.

    I am just curious. Every week you hear of scandal with alot of these independent churches.

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    Re: Church Scams

    so on the FACE of it you might SAY , you DONT find this FUNNY!? which brings up the WHOLE idea of FUN, it's ORIGINS it's REALITIES and it's DENOUNCERS!? if it AINT PROPER according to HOYLE , WHY do i keep USING that TERM) then OFF with their HEADS/PENISES!? (i THRU that LAST remark IN for FUN) which if you ASk me what does a LAST(ing) REMARK have to DO with ANY DOINGS as DOINGS go NOTICED or NOT!? i mean WHO in thier RIGGHT mind wants NOTICE in LESS or MORE it RE-AFFIRMS their OWN OWNERS RIGHTS to WHATEVER it IS they ARE DOING?! as a SECOND THOUGHT if it was NOT the FIRST, WHO cares about the LESS!? and WHY should THEY as SHOULD they's GO about in their OWN regards!? in retrospect i must ask,.........is this PERFECTLY clear YET!? CLEAR of WHAT is the ONLY thing YOU should EVEN consider ASKING if you care/dare to ask cause WHO asks ANYMORE than is REQUIRED to KEEP thier OWN THANG goin GOOD as GOOD is DEFINED by THEM as INDIVIDUALS under the CONSTITUTION as WRITTEN and THEIR OWN pile of MANEWER as it APPLIES!? is BEEN their DONE that ANY excuse to RELY on for FUTURE progress of us ALL!? :1crysad: :chicken: :freak3: :
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