Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 9:21 pm Post subject:

A recent posters promotion of The Single Bullet theory is not only tendentious garbage -- it is dangerous as well. All of this posters deceptive shaping of the evidence depends entirely on the reader not knowing a damn thing about the case. He is a good writer -- what with all the help of McAdams and other anti-conspiracy mongers available to him. And there is genius in his writings -- a genius worthy of a combination of Sammy Glick and Joseph Goebbels. Read carefully, all of the sources are revealed to be official ones -- current or former members of governments, agencies, police forces, courts. And all sources that he attacks are citizens -- and there are thousands of non-governmental sources in this case who provide a mountain of evidence for conspiracy. This poster trashes every one he can get his tricky hands on. So pro-conspiracy witnesses are not just mistaken, they are insane, drunkards, abusers, liars, publicity hounds (unlike himself, of course), grudge holders, folks with hidden agendas (again, unlike all those intelligence agents he believes in so devoutly). Let the reader beware: this is State Propaganda at its most clever and diabolical, and the purpose of this posters time is to convince the reader that only losers believe in conspiracies, those have not succeeded in this greatest of all possible societies. Sour grapes, in other words.