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Thread: Henry Kissinger

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    Henry Kissinger

    JFK News and Updates - JFK Lancer Blog

    News stories about President John F. Kennedy, his administration, his policies, his assassination, and related events.

    Friday, August 8, 2008

    FBI files released to Washington Post; Gerald Ford served as spy for Hoover on Warren Commission

    It has long been known that Gerald Ford functioned as a spy for J. Edgar Hoover on the Warren Commission. But today's Washington Post has an "exclusive" story which includes new details on how Ford not only spied for Hoover, but also actively worked to manipulate other Warren Commission members into believing that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. In times past, Ford stoutly denied that he operated in such a way for Hoover and tried to suggest that previously released FBI documents were just a result of FBI official Cartha DeLoach trying to "puff" his own reputation. Today's documents give the lie to the late president's previous denials. Ford's reputation has already suffered considerably in recent years, such as in 2001 when documents were released which showed both he and Henry Kissinger aided and abetted Indonesia's 1975 attack on East Timor, which resulted in 25 years of slaughter in that country. (See: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB62/index.html) By arming Indonesia for this purpose Ford and Kissinger plainly violated U.S. law which does not allow arms to be sold to any country except for defensive purposes. The revelations in today's Post will further besmirch his reputation as it leaves no doubt his work on the Commission was tarnished by an all too cozy relationship with the FBI. This too casts a shadow over the independence of the Warren Commission itself. Ford sought from the beginning to paint Oswald as a lone assassin as Hoover wanted.
    From the article:
    "A December 1963 memo recounts that Ford, then a Republican congressman from Michigan, told FBI Assistant Director Cartha D. "Deke" DeLoach that two members of the seven-person commission remained unconvinced that Kennedy had been shot from the sixth-floor window of the Texas Book Depository. In addition, three commission members "failed to understand" the trajectory of the slugs, Ford said.
    Ford told DeLoach that commission discussions would continue and reassured him that those minority points of view on the commission "of course would represent no problem," one internal FBI memo shows. The memo does not name the members involved and does not elaborate on what Ford meant by "no problem."
    Ford also told DeLoach that Chief Justice Earl Warren, who headed the commission, had told its members that "they should strive to have their hearings completed and the findings made public prior to July, 1964, when the Presidential campaigns will begin to get hot. He stated it would be unfair to present the findings after July." They missed their deadline, concluding in a report issued Sept. 24, 1964, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination. "

    See: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/08/07/AR2008080702757.html

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    Re: Henry Kissinger

    he is scum and working towards the new world order, all assassinations are inside jobs by the global elites/ zionist jews who own and run and control the PUPPETS in each administration. HARVY was a scapegoat for the elites.

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    Re: Henry Kissinger

    Discovery Channel

    Anything that appears on a television network about this subject has to support the official fairy tale. Other than the wonderful "The Men Who Killed The President" series, everything that has appeared on television about the assassination, since the moment Oswald was killed, has been a clear and obvious part of the coverup.

    We are now 45 years removed from this event. What possible reason does someone producing a documentary about the JFK assassination have, at this point, to continue distorting the truth? For those of you who don't think there was a massive conspiracy, with the most powerful forces in the world behind it, how do you explain this continuing adherence to an account that any average first grader could see was impossible? The people writing and producing this stuff were either not born in 1963, or very small. Unlike the Tom Wickers and Dan Rathers of the journalism world, they shouldn't have an axe to grind here- they aren't merely covering up their own woefully inadequate performance in covering the crime of the century. Obviously, the powerful forces behind JFK's death still exist, or otherwise there would be no purpose behind the continuing coverup. I don't think the Discovery Channel is producing this sort of unbelievable nonsense in order to protect some long dead anti-Castro or renegade CIA elements.

    The tact of using "technology" in order to sway those unknowledgable about the facts in this case, began in earnest on a "NOVA" PBS special back in the late 1980s. Walter Cronkite was trotted out one more time to lie about the assassination, and we were assured that the then new computer graphics could easily prove that such things as the single-bullet theory were possible. Since then, the likes of Dale Myers have used convoluted "technology" and seemingly impressive graphics to prop up the worn out, absurd Warren Commission fairy tale.

    There is no independent press in this country outside of the internet. When it comes to subjects like the JFK assassination, there is no "left" or "right." Everyone with a public platform (congressmen, reporters, producers) agree that there was no conspiracy.

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