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    Negative Thinking is NOT Critical Thinking

    Negative Thinking is NOT Critical Thinking

    Negative thinking often displays itself in ad hominem attacks. Often a forum has one or more individuals who have grown to think of themselves as the local ‘shaman’; these individuals try all kinds of ways to reject others who they fear will take away some of their ‘power’, so they use all forms of negative attacks to reject that new person.

    I have seen instances of individuals who are very anti-intellectual devise means for rejecting any form of ideas that appear to be intellectual.

    Ideologues are always fighting against other ideologues and they use every means to reject non-conforming ideas. I see that especially in anti-theism ideologues. I had one instance of an individual rejecting the works of Becker because Becker uses the word "faith", such a word was like the appearance of a snake under the bed.

    We are indoctrinated in our ideologies and we are constantly fighting either for ours or against another, this leads to various techniques to throw off any invading new ideas. Also I am convinced that our schools and colleges have made people unconsciously fearful of any serious concepts that have not been introduced to them by a teacher. Self-learning is unconsciously an alien concept.

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    Re: Negative Thinking is NOT Critical Thinking

    how would 1 go about defining faith so that anyone could get a handle on it!?could we simply call it CERTAINTY!?either absolute or at least over-riding!?i think over-riding is the best term for humanity!?i dont think anyone is immune to doubt!?then the question might arise as to whether man's animal qualitys are allocated to his "faith" or they are just his provided auto functions as a vehicular existence!?his darwinian inheritance!?: :crazy1: :spin2: hehe!!......just askn.....
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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