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    Re: Legit Work At Home Job?

    Sorry, just had another thought. You speak of "cash gifting" as illegal. I don't see how this can be true. Allow me to explain please. I can make a gift of cash (or other assets) to you and neither you nor I owe any tax - up to $10,000 per year, I think this is the current IRS limit for tax free gifts. After that IRS limit, I would owe "gift tax" on any value that exceeds that limit. However, the question that would concern this IRS even more is this: Is the money received by you (IF any) income subject to taxation? The gift promoters would say no. I have real reservations about that. I really don't know.

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    Re: Legit Work At Home Job?


    Giving money to anyone - friends, family, total strangers is completely legal. And that also covers non-monetary giving - up to the $10,000 tax-free limit covered by IRS rules.

    However, "cash gifting" is not the same as giving. You don't give money to a church or charitable organization expecting to receive more cash back in return. The cash gifting promoters want you to believe their form of gifting is equal to giving - In fact, they are turning the gift into an investment in hopes of a future payback.

    There's no investment, because there is no product. It's a simple pyramid scheme built on thin air and the hopes of more people following you into the 'gifting' group so you can receive a greater payback.

    As any lawyer about 'quid pro quo' and you'll find that if you are expecting something in return for your 'gift', it isn't a gift - it's an exchange. Much like when a person gives money to a politician hoping for payback in the form of a job or gov't contract. If you expect something in return other than gratitude, it's not a gift.

    As for paying taxes on any return you get, yes, they are correct. A gain in income, even from illegal sources is taxable, which is how Al Capone and other criminals have been brought to justice.

    Check the FTC website in my previous post and you'll see that the FTC has and continues to prosecute promoters of 'gifting'.

    Participate at your own risk, but please don't encourage others or you could be on the FTC's list.


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    Re: Legit Work At Home Job?

    This subject seems interesting.

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    I need your help with online scams

    I"m new to this site and like what I have read about all the scams out there. I was hopeing since some of you seem to be very smart when it comes to online business that you guys could recommend some. I'm really hurting for some extra money.:1crysad:

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    Re: Legit Work At Home Job?

    Quote Originally Posted by BorisZ View Post
    I can only give you general advice.

    If you are going to work at home you have 3 choices.

    1)Work for established company (typing, answering phones and so on). You will make probably the same money as the guy working in a cubicle doing the same job minus insurance)

    2)Part time pocket change. That would be doing offers, freelancing and surveys.

    3)Entrepreneur. Like with any other business you will have to risk tons of money with high risk of failure. But unlike in brick and mortar business, you got scammers crawling out of every hole trying to take your money.

    a. Avoid "mentors" and "coaches". It is always a scam.
    b. Avoid criminal enterprising ala cash gifting, illegal pyramids, ponzies, reshipping and chain letter scams.
    c. Avoid get rich schemes. Anything that promises easy money working few hours a week/day is a scam.
    d. Avoid "marketing systems". You got no teeth to chew people up and through them out.
    e. Be careful with MLMs in general and travel MLMs specifically. Lot of them have bad products and most of them extremely overpriced (aka GDI).
    f. Avoid sales pitches. Find real work at home forums and seek advice of your peers, not recruiters.
    I disagree somewhat about that: Avoid "mentors" and "coaches" there are some really excellent helpful ones out there and you do need them as they have more experience and have been around the block way before you did, so the advice is worth it, but only if it's free advice given of course, and marketing systems are awesome as you only need to promote 1 link - look I'm not going to go on here.. but where are you now at man? are you successful it sounds like you have practically avoided the internet, MLM is where the money is at and where you will make real money other than that, sell your boring ebooks that nobody really wants, get a one off sale here and there and that would be it, so what are you up to now? would love to here your today's advice, or are you out of game completely? Let me tell you one thing, MLM and working online as never been more fruitful, see my proof video on my site we are making 12k a month! are you? MLM is the way of the future and the way for all of us to help each other, it's not just for 1 person, it's for the masses. Thank you.
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    Re: Looking for a good home job,that is not a scam

    Please does anyone know anything about Pluginprofitsite? Is it legit? Thanks.

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    Re: Looking for a good home job,that is not a scam

    Looks to me like another affiliate marketing product and site. The expenses you are going to incur are buying the program, buying a domain name, building a web site or landing page, getting web hosting, and monthly subscription to an autoresponder service for starters.

    Then you will have to start to build your opt in list so you can pitch them your new product. That will entail MANY different avenues of "advertising" or website exposure, or simply driving traffic to your website or landing page. If a lot of this does not really make any sense or if you are new to how affiliate marketing works, there is an internet marketing forum called warriorforum.com that is devoted entirely to internet marketing.

    If you are serious about trying affiliate marketing or internet marketing in general, that would be a good place to start. Hope this helps.
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    WAHcareer.com Whats the scoup? are they for real

    Hey has anyone heard of these guys. I recently filled out something online and with minutes got a call from Shanna from WAHcareers.com. Now i get a zillion calls a day?????:blackbat:


    Thank you for taking the time to inquire online about Wahcareers. I have been trying to reach you by phone but have been unsuccessful.

    We have a legitimate business offer. Our advertising team is highly professional and we are looking for individuals who are open to learning a new trade using their home computers to insure their long term security. Please contact me to schedule an online business briefing concerning our open position.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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    Re: Legit Work At Home Job?

    There are several good Work at home jobs! You just have to do your research and fine one that fits what you are interested in. All of them will take time a patience. In the beginning you will have to work very hard to get things going, but once you get the hang of it you will be amazed at the money you can make. I know people who are making a lot of money and other people who are just making a few hundred dollars a day. All depends on the amount of effort you want to put into it.
    Home based business!
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