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Thread: Jet Effect

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    Jet Effect

    McAdams writing on his website referring to the frontal shot as seen in the Zapruder film:

    "It's supposed to prove that Kennedy was hit in the head by a shot from the Grassy Knoll. You know, the movement of his head back and to the left in the Zapruder film. But in fact, it's perfectly possible for an object hit by a bullet to move in the direction from which the bullet came. Richard Trott demonstrates this by shooting melons. Here is his first melon, and here is his second. This "jet effect" phenomenon was first suggested, and experimentally demonstrated by physicist Luis Alvarez. Trott shows that the average citizen with a rifle can recreate the effect. "

    "But in fact, it's perfectly possible for an object hit by a bullet to move in the direction from which the bullet came."

    Please , don't ever call a so-called conspiracy theorist crazy ever again!

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    Re: Jet Effect

    Discovery Channel

    Anything that appears on a television network about this subject has to support the official fairy tale. Other than the wonderful "The Men Who Killed The President" series, everything that has appeared on television about the assassination, since the moment Oswald was killed, has been a clear and obvious part of the coverup.

    We are now 45 years removed from this event. What possible reason does someone producing a documentary about the JFK assassination have, at this point, to continue distorting the truth? For those of you who don't think there was a massive conspiracy, with the most powerful forces in the world behind it, how do you explain this continuing adherence to an account that any average first grader could see was impossible? The people writing and producing this stuff were either not born in 1963, or very small. Unlike the Tom Wickers and Dan Rathers of the journalism world, they shouldn't have an axe to grind here- they aren't merely covering up their own woefully inadequate performance in covering the crime of the century. Obviously, the powerful forces behind JFK's death still exist, or otherwise there would be no purpose behind the continuing coverup. I don't think the Discovery Channel is producing this sort of unbelievable nonsense in order to protect some long dead anti-Castro or renegade CIA elements.

    The tact of using "technology" in order to sway those unknowledgable about the facts in this case, began in earnest on a "NOVA" PBS special back in the late 1980s. Walter Cronkite was trotted out one more time to lie about the assassination, and we were assured that the then new computer graphics could easily prove that such things as the single-bullet theory were possible. Since then, the likes of Dale Myers have used convoluted "technology" and seemingly impressive graphics to prop up the worn out, absurd Warren Commission fairy tale.

    There is no independent press in this country outside of the internet. When it comes to subjects like the JFK assassination, there is no "left" or "right." Everyone with a public platform (congressmen, reporters, producers) agree that there was no conspiracy.

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