I hope this is the place to post it, if not sorry. :)

Well it all started in 2006 I was at a Auctionteacher seminar I decided to join them, and a company they offered at the seminar along with your website called InnovativeMerchants First problem was when they accepted bad credit cards then gave me the charge backs of hundreds of bucks. I decided to keep them a bit longer and try to gain what I have lost. they had frozen my account and still charged me, and would not stop charging me even while my account was frozen. Finally it got unfrozen but did not work the same. I only got a few orders. but never accepted any of them. We decided to cancel our account with them. I was tired of paying 20 bucks a month, a $1000 dollar sign up fee ( totally ridiculous ) but all said and done, I did not care about how much they stole from me, I did not want any of it back. I just wanted out of the stupid company.

So I called Innovative Merchant today ( October 27th 2008 ) After having them a little short of 2 years. I faxed them after they told me to, so I could cancel my account. I followed up to make sure they received my fax, They said yes but they wanted 295 bucks for the cancellation. Not to mention for other people YOU can not use your merchant account for 3 months if you want to cancel it, so pay 20 bucks a month. that is 60 bucks, plus 300 bucks almost for canceling. So a total of 360 to cancel, and a total overall of $2000+ and a total waste of your time. At this point, I wanted to share with the World the way this company treats people. I will let every one know, they can rip us off for now, but not after I am done with them. :)

Just a reminder if you go to a seminar read the fine print and ask questions, because they will not disclose the negative points of a company.

Innovative Merchants - Worst company in the World. http://www.innovativegateway.com/
AuctionTeacher - 2nd worst company.