A decade-long scam has been exposed!

The International Wine Center in New York City runs the WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) programs. They claim this is a program that will train you to be a wine professional.

The claim is totally bogus. They are not certified to run a school for sommeliers or wine professionals. They are not even a legitimate school! Their claims violate multiple New York state laws*.

This means their certificates and diplomas are illegitimate. This affects THOUSANDS of people across the United States.

You cannot legally use a WSET certificate to gain employment, not only in New York, but anywhere in the USA. These WSET degrees cost thousands of dollars each, so this is pretty huge problem.

This company has been defrauding students for at least ten years, maybe even longer.

*The IWC/WSET have violated the following NY laws & regulations by claiming they offer professional training for the food & wine industries:

New York Laws: Education : (5001 - 5010) Private Trade And Correspondence Schools

"Schools required to be licensed or registered. No private school or computer training
facility which charges tuition or fees for instruction and which is not exempted hereunder shall be operated by any person or persons, firm, corporation, or private organization for the purpose of teaching or giving instruction in any subject or subjects, unless it is licensed or registered by the department. "

See also:
Section 126.10 of the New York State Eductation Departement Regulations

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