Rob Abrams (Robber for short)

As a person who doesnt support any of the programs on line there still has to be fairness to protect the internet
public as a whole.
So I would like to point out the next criminal enterprise this is run by Rob abrams
who seems to think if he puts his name on the search engines with an old attorney general with the same name
Robert abrams that he lends some kind of legitimacy to himself.However this couldnt be further from the truth
he is in violation of Federal Gifting laws which allow up to 12k as a gift not 20k and then theres the scheme
part of his program let me let you join for free no one up ect but you pay 240.00 to him directly then theres
the small problem every person you bring in from then on pays him 240.00 plus half of your gift for ever this
is worse then organized crime.
As with other so called gifting programs being a one up keeps the integrity of there program.Example you join for 3500
you bring one person in for 3500 then everyone else you bring in are all yours.
Then theres Robs or should we say (Robbers)you dont pay the 3500 and he lets you bring in your one up for 3500 with each
of you paying him 240.00 so now you get a person who wants to come in at 20k he gets 10k and you get 10k you have now
lost 3000.00 so far plus the guy with the 20k just paid rob 240.00 and this goes on and on the only one going
to make money in his program his him 240 each time ect.As the principle to bring someone in who will gift
3500 is to keep them motivated and making money if you just pick someone that cost them only 240.00 in a week
they will have quit as no sales.
Rob tell all the good folks how many folks you have unqualified left holding the bag.So you could create a new
program thats sure to land folks in jail as well as plenty more broke so you can do like you always do and run off with all the suckers 240.00
to you.
Word to the wise this man is being investigated as the scam artist he is so dont spend your money with him
unless you just feel the need to get taken. Theres plenty of other gifting programs and other programs in general
to not fall prey to a predator like Rob Abrams
He will tell you to look him up on the internet the search engine hes paying to dominate some 80 pages deep
this is to stop you from finding the others hes scammed and the folks hes left holding the bag.