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    Snap Dollars.com

    Making money by reading e-mails !!!

    I subcribed, they pay between 1 to 3 cents per e mail you read. Takes many years to become rich. They send you a cheque by request when you reach their minimum of earnings total $40.00.

    The problem is that when you approach a total earning near $40.00 they stop sending you e mails. My total income is now $38.00 and they stop sending me e mails to avoid payment.

    If you contact them by the only way their web message system. THEY NEVER ANSWER YOUR REQUEST.


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    Re: Snap Dollars.com

    Thanks for sharing this - I have heard about them and was actually thinking to give them a try.

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    Re: Snap Dollars.com

    Thanks for the info

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    Re: Snap Dollars.com

    You are NEVER going to make real money reading emails. Think about all the time you invested to just get to the $38. Not even thinking about the reality that you will never get paid. Is the return on time investment there for you?

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    Re: Snap Dollars.com

    Ha! I knew it! I got sucked into something that sounds similar - hits4pay - crapoooooooooooooola! I got a whopping $10 just for signing up - that was months ago btw, and the payout only happens when you reach $25 (yet to be seen.....):2gunsfiring_v1:each email you receive and 'read' (usually repetitive) you get 2 cents - WOW - this is NOT happening - to add insult to injury I get blasted by spam, yes folks, SPAMOOOOOLA, daily about 100 messages - grrrrrr - ok, this is where you say - WHAT A TWIT - I know, oh, I know. So when I cash in my whoppin' $25, I shall say - ta ta to this once in a lifetime opportunity and move on - tail between my legs (ehhhhhhhh):

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