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Thread: Coke Email Scam

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    Coke Email Scam

    Here's a scam I got from someone posing from Coke (Coca Cola)

    Dear: e-Mail Winner,

    This is to inform you that your e-Mail Address has WON you the sum of
    1,000,000.00 GBP (One Million Pound Sterling) from the Coca-Cola Online
    Promo 2013. The Draw No:1593. make a contact and collect your winning fund
    immediately, Fill the Information.

    Sir. Michael Field
    Email: [email protected]
    Tel: +44 7017 035461



    Best Regards,
    Notification Desk


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    Re: Coke Email Scam

    If they seem just randomly acquired my email address I would not fell into it. But these kind of scam usually affect teenagers or those folks who does not use an internet frequently.

    The more expose we are in any types of scams, the less our opportunity to get scammed. So, read read and read. :judges:

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    Re: Coke Email Scam

    I get so much spam from the UK and Nigeria it's unbelievable! Surprisingly, I haven't seen the one from Coke, yet!

    I also received an email from Pinecone Research not all that long ago warning people that there is a company claiming to be Pinecone Research and asking people to cash some fairly good size checks for shadow shopping.

    Pinecone Research has been around for quite a while and is very reputable. A person even has to receive an invitation to apply with them in order to complete any type of research studies or surveys through them so I'm sure Pinecone Research isn't too happy with these spammers.

    We just seem to be experiencing an extreme lack of integrity in this world these days!

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    Re: Coke Email Scam

    Too bad it is a scam...you could buy a lot of coke for that...or Coke I guess...
    "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
    -Hunter S. Thompson

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    Re: Coke Email Scam

    I actually almost fell for this little scam. I attribute it mostly to just wanting it to be true. Good thing I stopped before sending money via western union.

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    Re: Coke Email Scam

    I've never heard of this scam but thanks for the heads up! There are so many email scams these days it isn't even funny. The sad thing is there are still people who fall for them. The Coke email screams out scam, I hope no one is actually falling for this one!

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