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    Anti-Terror, Anti-Government, Dissident, Patriot, and ALL LABEL TERMS; BOILS DOWN TO ANTI-SYSTEM

    We need a new true term to use when discussing people who hate the current socio-economic system. Because hearing these left-right paradigm and other misled terms are getting to us.

    Remember, Government stages all the terror events to then use to create laws to lesson our freedoms and to advance their system. So that means government are the so-called "terrorists" then. Anyone who dislikes the system in any small of large way are put down into gov-corporate datebases. Remember that corporations are more dangerous than government, and uses government as their law-writers and enforcers. Government contracts out to corporations for a lot of it's business, because government are businesses, bigger than all businesses inside a countries borders.

    Basically anyone who is refusing to be a sheep glued to TV & mainstream entertainment is Anti-System. What do you think about this all-encompassing term? Also I am sure majority of members on scam.com agree with what I wrote. Please FEEL FREE to copy, improve upon, re-post, share, save, download & copy & paste on other forums related to the truth, Because fear is a prison.
    FCUSA Scam EXposure (YouTube Playlist)
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    Re: Anti-Terror, Anti-Government, Dissident, Patriot, and ALL LABEL TERMS; BOILS DOWN TO ANTI-SYSTEM

    I 85% agree with what you said.

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