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    Remedy Staff - Remedy Staffing - Remedy Intellegent Staffing

    Three people emailed me about Remedy Staffing:

    1. They make you do a drug test.(everyone that uses these guys are trailer park skids anyway)
    2. They make you take multiple math tests in a hostile loud office. Stupid tests.
    3. They make you wait weeks. (lies about starting)
    4. They hook you up with minimum wage horrific training. (classroom crap)
    5. They lie to you about the salary. (changed like 6 times)
    6. They lie to you about the job duty. (changed like 5 times....rope a dope)
    7. They lie to you about the hours you work. (didn't want overnights...lied 12 hr hell shift 6 to 6am :(
    8. You feel like less than a human, more like a whore during this ordeal.
    9. Oh yeah the money that's lied about is degrading too.
    The whole thing was mortifying. :zx11pissed::zx11pissed::zx11pissed:

    Do not use Remedy Staffing!!!
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    Re: Remedy Staff - Remedy Staffing - Remedy Intellegent Staffing

    Wow, this is new to me. I know a couple of years ago, their Technical division contacted me out of nowhere (I wasn't working so it may have through a site like Monster or CareerBuilder). The young lady began to tell me about a job that almost sounded too good to be true.

    Instead of coming into their office to test, they sent everything online. Supposedly, I passed with flying colors but it was up to the client. Then nothing for weeks until another opportunity came up.

    I know in California they merged with another agency that specializes in warehouse jobs and that's not me. A long time ago, they had great contracts but I wasn't serious about working back then.

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