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    Spartacus Group Madrid Stock/Property SCAM???

    There is a company called Spartacus Private Equity Group out of Madrid.
    The address is http://www.spartacus-group.com/

    They are trying to lift my stocks from me. I see warnings about them. I invested a while ago in a few companies and these companies are doing OK regarding the current environment lol, but this Spartacus group are are offering me to sell my shares, that are NOT listed at a profit and invest in their fund. The salesman told me that fund can guarantee 35% per year. :yelcutelaughA:

    Have you heard of that company?:madgo:
    I don't understand how someone can buy shares that don't have a market price.
    The fund they have has properties in South africa and libya I think. Lybia?:freak3:
    I would not even go there let alone put money there as an investment.

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