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    uhaul truck rental drop off scam

    Well, I think I need to share with you my recent experience with UHaul truck rental company and expose one scam the uhaul truck rental company has been recently pushing on its customers. Considering the uhaul truck rental company will ask you to pay then 10 dollars for then to look for your contract if you need a duplicate I assume things are not going that well on the company or they are just to greedy. Most companies will provide you a duplicate receipt online for free.

    Anyway the uhaul truck rental scam I was almost a victim of was the following:

    When I needed to drop my U-haul truck rental near Columbus airport I called the U-Haul truck rental 800 number. I explained to them I was near the airport and needed to drop my truck. The U-Haul truck rental staff told me I need to drive around 10 miles to drop my U-Haul truck rental to the closest location. I knew that was not true because I had checked before my trip and have found a drop off location around 1 mile from the hospital. I explained that to the U-Haul truck rental staff. She insisted that I needed to go to U-Haul Truck Rental locations far from the airport. Well, I used my Iphone to go the website and look for a drop off location. I found the location near the airport. It was not a uhaul truck rental owned location. It was a Boxmaster place which also provided UHaul truck rental products. It is clear to me that the uhaul truck rental staff did not want me to find out about that location and multiple times on the phone refused to give me that address.

    This uhaul truck rental scam affects both customers like myself and uhaul dealers. If I had to travel that far I would be required to pay more in cab fees to get back to my destination. Besides that there would be more time and effort on my part. Most important the company did not mean to do what is better for the customer. It is up to the customer to chose the better location for the customer to drop the uhaul truck rental, not what is financially better for uhaul.

    Be very carefull of this uhaul truck rental scam. You may be next.

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    Re: uhaul truck rental drop off scam

    Do not credit to malice what can be explained by idiocy.
    Especially when dealing with hourly wagers.

    when you write or speak to any corporate heads though,
    that rule is reversed. BLAME the error on greed, viciousness,
    and you will get those morons in line because of the
    company not wishing to appear vicious more than not
    wanting to appear stupid, unfortunately most bosses
    overlook stupid.



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