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    Calamitous Web Bot Predictions 11 of 12

    Calamitous Web Bot Predictions

    George Ure and his colleague 'Cliff', two self-described "time monks," shared dire predictions based on their web bot technology. Their method captures changes in language patterns within Internet discussions. This aggregated data is then processed with software to determine various keywords, which they interpret in a predictive fashion.

    Beginning on October 7, 2008 and running through March 2009, they foresee a calamitous period on an epic scale. America will be beset by a variety of problems, which they broke down as 45-48% related to the economy, 40% concerning the military, and the rest associated with natural disasters. Between 2 and 22 million lives could be lost or seriously impacted, they estimated, possibly related to a "global coastal event" in 2009. On Dec. 10-12th, 2008, a large quake could hit the Pacific Northwest, they added.

    The two recommended developing self-sufficiency and the ability to live off the grid. They also spoke about strange disappearances next year, in which people, including those in power, will vanish without a trace into interdimensional doorways. Additionally, an object they call a "coherer" -- a reverse-engineered or left-behind dimensional artifact is currently in the possession of people who are concerned for their lives.

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    Re: Calamitous Web Bot Predictions 11 of 12

    just goes to show ya,it's not information that causes calamities,it's what you do with that information!?which is why the public is not informed about EVERYTHING!?SOME secrets are secret for a good reason!?call it the yelling fire in a theatre rule of secrecy!?of course if there's money to be made and minds to control,then this is america,have at it!?just try not to burn the place to the ground!?all at once that is!?:freak3: :judges: : : hehe!!....just askn....
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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    Re: Calamitous Web Bot Predictions 11 of 12

    I also feel that this is a big organized scam. Please check my article on this topic here - http://www.astrocamp.com/vedicastrol...or-future.html

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