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    Medicann usa scams people!

    Just came back from an appointment with Medi-cann USA. They tell you on the phone that you can come in and talk to a DR and see if you qualify for a free comp visit. ( Prove your financial hardship ) Once there, the receptionists doesn't know anything about comps, say they don't have them, etc. A call to customer service will get you a very rude supervisor who says they DO have comps but none are available. So I had to pay some $20.00 in gas to go and get the run around. They scammed me with bogus information and aren't sorry about it. This comapny is NOT compassionate or well run. I'm glad I found out NOW, how unorganized and ineffeciant they are BEFORE I gave them all my private information. Having a company this unorganized is like letting the fox keep your personal information, rather than the chickens.

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    Re: Medicann usa scams people!

    Medicann USA just called and made everything right! Perhaps I posted an hour too soon....

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