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    Alert - Property Tax Adjusters Inc. is a Scam

    TO California Property Owners:

    There is a company called Property Tax Adjusters, Inc. based in San Diego County has been sending out scam letters regarding property tax reduction for a fee of $125.00 in the Silicon Valley (depends on where your property is). The company is NOT affiliated with the county assessor's office, or ANY government agency.

    The key thing to note is that as a property owner, there is NO COST for you to directly contact your county assessor regarding a reassessment of your property taxes.

    In fact, many counties such as Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, and San Joaquin are currently doing large-scale evaluation of properties to see whether property taxes will be reduced at no cost to the homeowner.

    The Alameda County District Attorney is investigating Property Tax Adjusters, Inc. as well as another company called Connection Plus Inc. of Foster City. While their solicitations may not be illegal.

    It is interesting to note that the return envelope provided with Property Tax Adjuster's mailing is addressed not to a physical headquarters location, but a rented personal mailbox at a UPS Store in the same city as the homeowner to whom the mailing was sent.

    Homeowners are best advised to toss this Property Tax Adjusters, Inc. mailing in the trash. There is no need to pay for a service that you can get from the county directly for free.

    For more information:


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    Re: Alert - Property Tax Adjusters Inc. is a Scam

    This Company Is Scam. They Rip You Off And Will Never Refund You And Never Offer Any Service. Watch Out These People!!!!!!

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    Re: Alert - Property Tax Adjusters Inc. is a Scam

    Property Tax Adjusters Inc. is a SCAM. They rip you off and never refund you and never offer any service. They are "seasoned robbery"!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Alert - Property Tax Adjusters Inc. is a Scam

    Hi All,

    I challenge the 2 folks who make the egregious and fallacious scam claims to work this out on this public forum. We have successfully represented thousands of CA homeowners! You clearly didn't use our service, and if you did, what happened since your posting? zulu? mmshao? I'm here, ready to work this out publicly.

    Below is a response I made to the same user mmshoa on a posting from the day before this one. My challenge: If you are not a customer, how could you make the claim? If you are a customer, did we get you a reduction and forget to remove this post? Read below for every possible question answered...

    The comments above have gone unanswered for too long. I understand that people, bad people, are out there preying on the unsuspecting home owners. They send an official looking letter and wait for the money to roll in, then do NOTHING for their "customers". What's almost just as pathetic, is someone who offers to do half a job...

    Hi, my name is Crosby Tague. I work for Property Tax Adjusters, Inc. Everyday I go into work, I know I'm helping thousands, yes THOUSANDS, of California homeowners. I am appalled at the unfounded accusations made by "OnGuard", as they are simply untrue. It is wise to be cautious when sending money anywhere! But the truth is this: we have successfully represented thousands of customers in the review process and/or the subsequent appeals process. Try and get one of our competitors to even answer the phone!!!

    I want to open the floor to all who read this, and encourage you to think, really THINK, about what you know and what you think you know, about this process. I have been entrenched in the bowels of this process for the past 18 months (now much longer), and I may be able to help those who want to do it themselves, shed a little light for the curious and I am 99.9% certain, I can help everyone we mailed recently in 2009.

    I want to respond to each of the accusatory comments (made almost 2 years ago, mind you)... Where to start?!

    First, we have different mailboxes in each county we serve, to keep our mail separated. That way it comes to us organized by the county we need to submit to. It's a novel concept, I know, but we service 17 counties and we want our stuff to go to the right place. We're not hiding our corporate address it's on our website and I listed it below.

    Next? The county will indeed accept your application at no charge. Question is, did you do it correctly? Filling out the form is the easy part. It's presenting your case to an appeals board and defending your case against an appraiser who, for 10 years, knows why, where, when and what he or she is talking about, that is truly challenging! Did you get good comps? Not just low-ball sales, but truly comparable properties, that were arms-length transactions? How much did you adjust for quality class, the pool, and square footage?

    I guess the second portion of the "county will do it for free" argument is this: Did they automatically reduce you in 2007, when the market was down? Was it reduced to fair market value? What about 2008? Certainly if they were going to reduce you, they would have done it by now... Right? And was it reduced to fair market value this year, if not last year? The truth is only about 10% of people who are eligible for this type of reduction ever do anything about it. So in the end, it serves the county well, to keep that money in the till, because if you don't file properly, it goes unclaimed for the year.

    And finally, on the "county will do it for free" argument: The poor guys (and gals) are just overworked and understaffed!! I can't say that some of it isn't due to questionable bureaucracy and personnel management, but it's largely an issue of sheer volume! No wonder they can't get to them all done, on everyone's "NOW NOW NOW" timeline. They're in a rough spot! In the end, we really are helpful to them and here's how: It is far better for them to deal with one head, that knows what it's talking about, representing a 1000 others, than it is to deal with a 1000 talking heads with half a clue of what they're talking about. I have a great, true story to illustrate that point:
    I was waiting to present cases for a few of our clients at the Riverside County Assessment Appeals Board. A couple, we'll call them the "Smith's", went up to present their case on their own. I was rooting for them, knowing how hostile the appeal hearings can be. They started to present their case, but didn't have the correct amount of copies (which is 7, they had 1) of their case. Furthermore, they didn't have sales, actual sales that happened, they had listings! I went from rooting for them to being disappointed in them for wasting my time, the appraiser's time and the board's time!! Well, the clerk of the board was kind enough to ask if they would like a second shot after more preparation, the board made the motion and gave them a continuance. I thought SURELY they would come more prepared next time... and they were... but still hadn't chosen comparable sales that were reflections of the market value of THEIR property. Needless to say, they lost their appeal. How do I know? I saw the appraiser for the Assessor's office make a perfect case and he systematically dismantled each of their comparables... They had a case, but due to WRONG preparation, they made no case and lost that money for the year. It's stories like this, that break my heart and are also why we're in business.

    OK, next is REFUNDS! I want to reply to the person who said we don't give refunds. We have refunded hundreds of customers, because for whatever reason, we were unable to get them reduced (i.e. comparables were unavailable or didn't support a reduction etc.) Our refund policy is simple: If, after we take the case through the entire process of appeals (which make take up to 2 years for the county to schedule a hearing!!), are unable to get the client a reduction, we'll send them a full refund. That's it. No smoke and mirrors. We do not just instantly refund someone who changes their mind, or talked to their neighbor "OnGuard", who said they can do it for free (I think I've covered that one). Once we submit your case, we're locked in to the process and have to/require that we let it run it's course all the way through the appeals process. If we withdraw a case after the filing deadline, you lose your spot. It's truly for the client's protection That's fair right? I mean, if someone painted your house the color you wanted and did a good job, would you ask for a refund because the paint wasn't dry? No, because the paint will dry. We're doing what we said we'd do, let us do our job, we'll do a good job for you! We can only move as fast as the county processes and addresses each stage of the Prop 8 process.

    Finally for this post, let's talk about the law. I have spoken with DA's from San Diego to Alameda County and beyond because of phony complaints. No charges have EVER been brought on us. EVER. Why not? Because we abide by the laws set forth by our state and federal governments. Furthermore our letter clearly states that we are not a government agency!!! What government entity has ever ended in "... Inc."? Come on... Common sense people...

    As promised, here's some advice for those who want to do this on your own:

    1) Most importantly get a copy of the Assessment Appeals Guidebook for your county, and read it, follow it's guidelines... It tells you everything you need to know about the process.

    2) Use Comps that fall within the CORRECT TIMELINES. They are worthless to you otherwise. And remember, the lowest comp is not always the best comp. Look more for similarities.

    3)For your hearing, prepare EVERYTHING you are going to say, present, mention, think... and get it typed up and printed out... Remember your copies for the board. Just read your presentation. You'll do much better than thinking on the fly.

    Or, we could just do it for you... It all comes down to this, what's your time worth? You don't see people picketing Jifffy Lube for offering to change your oil for a great price. But you can change your own oil, right? I'm just sayin'...

    Here's my contact information:
    (I reserve the right to maybe not answer all emails that don't pertain to this blog or our service)

    Located at:
    Property Tax Adjusters, Inc.
    2120 Las Palmas Ave. Suite E
    Carlsbad, CA 92011

    I'd like to request that "OnGuard" amend his or her comment or take it down altogether for inaccuracy and fallacy.

    Much Love and Peace to all of you made it this far!

    Warm Regards,
    Crosby Tague
    Property Tax Adjusters, Inc.

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    Re: Alert - Property Tax Adjusters Inc. is a Scam


    Can I ask what your company relationship is with the other Property Tax Adjusters, Inc. out of Florida? Here's a link to their site:


    Not to nitpick too much, but your company could take a lesson from them - notice the bios of the staff, and an actual, verifiable client list? Something to consider...


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    Re: Alert - Property Tax Adjusters Inc. is a Scam

    It's a Scam, in my opinion.

    While I agree with Crosby, that it's certainly OK to offer a service for a fee, the letter itself is misleading.

    The entire letter (layout, design, language etc) is geared at making the letter's receipient believe it's some "official" letter, and not (what it really is) a piece of marketing mail.

    A local pizza delivery service would not mask its marketing mails as "government mails", and so shouldn't "Property Tax Adjusters".

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    Re: Alert - Property Tax Adjusters Inc. is a Scam

    well we receive a letter from a company name Properity tax adjusters company main office at Granada Hills California. are they are real ?

    how you can ask the Assessor the price or our home value..
    how we can ask ourselves for the paper work ?

    Mary :2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: Alert - Property Tax Adjusters is a Scam

    Hello Cyber Friends...

    Crosby here, again, with some more bad news. This "Property Tax Adjusters" letter, demanding $189.00 is a scam. I am the Communication Director for the real "Property Tax Adjusters, Inc." I have spent the last years defending our service and company, from the confusion of such impostors. It's makes it a little more complicated when they use our name:.

    We all remember the "Property Tax Reassessment" letters, right? Well, same guy, different name.... Only this time it's OUR name:madgo:!!! We have filed a complaint with the Attorney General, are contacting the assessor's offices, with whom we have worked, fielded calls from reporters, are filing with the FTC and....:freak3:

    So here's what I have learned in my research: The main "joker" is Michael McConville. Here are some links that will help fill in the blanks:





    Hopefully these help color the picture of what we're all up against. Granted, some people lost $189 and my empathy goes out to you. We on the other hand, are losing our legitimate business to this scammer. Now I'm not asking for sympathy from the hard liners here, just sighting the difference, so we can all focus our energy in the right direction. We will continue to serve our current clients. Please, see my other posts for how we have helped over 10,000 homeowners all over CA.

    Of course, people search the name "Property Tax Adjusters" and get us, the real McCoy. The impostors have no contact info on their letter. If you try and call the assessor's office, they list in the fine print, you get a different county!! I just spoke to the Assessor for a county up north, way north, and they're getting calls from LA!! People in Central Valley are calling Northern CA counties...

    So, in short, please don't confuse us with them. We will continue to serve all of our clients, as we have been for the last few years, with integrity, objectivity and honesty. Search for the truth Cyber Friends!

    Best Regards,
    Crosby Tague
    Communications Director
    Property Tax Adjusters, Inc.

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