The reason I started this new forum is for people to be able to anonymously post about all the job, employment, interview scams that average every-day people must endure now.:

The Set-Up

You're promised a job or business opportunity that sounds right up your street.
The Hook

It looks like your dream job very well paid and just a few hours a week.
The Sting

The job is a sham. You end up out of pocket, or earning virtually nothing. You may even break the law.
How employment scams work

You see an ad in a spam email, on a website banner, or even on a poster in the street, or on a community notice board. It's for just the kind of work you’ve been looking for:
  • working from home
  • good rate of pay
  • not much work.
  • impossible schedule which changes all the time
  • not even getting paid