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Thread: Air Group Inc.

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    Air Group Inc.

    I am currently involved with a company called Air Group Inc. I need ton know if this is a scam and if anyone here has been scammed by them and what happened. Thanks. Here is there web page url:



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    Re: Air Group Inc.

    They are running payment processing scams.

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    Re: Air Group Inc.

    Do not, I repeat, do not get involved with this company!

    They are the same as primesoftware.org that I posted about yesterday.

    They just go by different names but it is the same scam. They will ask for your bank information to direct deposit your training pay, but they are looking to clean out your bank account.

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    Re: Air Group Inc.

    Most scammers are using .cn domain names, the .cn domains were available at a cheap rate some months ago.

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