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    Summit Brands, inc.

    a suspiciously official looking document is sent to the house, claiming to give the person $$$ but requiring "fee's" to be paid.

    This one was from P.O. BOX 185 New York, NY 10122 (HEAD QT)

    A grant (free gov't money for doing something or claiming so) but it costs $...

    Anyway, its based in NY and the bank is in Ohio.

    Free money is never free. ~Joe

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    Re: Summit Brands, inc.

    I received a letter in the mail saying that my name was ramdomly selected and that I have won 39,000.00 they sent me a check in the sum of 4,960.00 and told me not to cash it untill I activate it so I called to activate then the person I talked to told me to take out 3,150.00 and send it to some one then 3 to 5 business days I would get the remaining balance my brother thought it was a scam so he called the bank to where the check was and they said that it is an invalid check but then I called and they said that it was a valid check but before he called I had already deposited it into my account i havent anything from my bank yet but I pray this is not a fraud what do you suggest I do? Is this the same letter you received? Who did they tell yo to talk to about the check. Please respond back because I don't want to get into any trouble or get scamed.

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    Re: Summit Brands, inc.

    I suggest you wait until the check fully clears. The thing people have been doing with these scams is to draw out the money before the check fully clears. If the company actually gives you $x,xxx then you choose whether to follow up on it or just dead end it as free money.

    From the impression I got from these letters, you are under no 'obligation' to follow up on the instructions in the letter. Basically claiming the money is free and clear.

    So, if it is legit then you get paid + an opportunity to follow up and do w/e they ask for more $$$.

    If it's false, the bank won't clear it, and you can call to tell them "WTF?". Just don't give them crap until you have verified they are real, either by them giving you money, or by other means.

    I can't believe people have fallen for this though. To me, its the bank's fault. They tell you the funds are available before the check fully clears.

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