First off, the poor English is a tip-off, then the poorly centered letterhead... but the check looks VERY real. It is a check for $4,875.00, from Midway Secruities and Trust, Inc. at 4200 N Illinois St, Swansea, IL 62226. (that's the check). The letterhead is from the same company, but with a Toronto, Canada address.

Problem is... I don't enter lotteries.

AFter all the blah, blah, blah, the final paragraph reads, "Please do not attempt to use check until you call. We urge you to keep this winning CONFIDENTIAL until your claim has been processed and your cash remitted to you as this is part our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by non participants taking advantage of this program. You are advised to contact your claim agent immediately for further clarification as indicated below within 10 business day."

Evidently they don't proofread.

I'm just glad my 77-y.o. MIL with dementia didn't get this check... she would have run out and deposited it or tried to anyway...