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    High Street Supermarket Ripoff?

    Also for the record you say that supermarkets and other businesses are transparent. You could not be further from the truth. Some of the larger supermarkets and chains in the UK are involved in practices that most people would call suspoicous and that I would call illegal. The problem there is that the have enough money to buy the kind of legal counsel that can get you away with murder.

    A friend of mine had to sell his family farm 7 years ago as a result of what sainsburys did to him he nearly ended up in the bankruptcy court which is why I do not shop in supermarkets my wife and I and our 3 kids all support our local butchers bakers and greengrocers as the produce is fresher cheaper and grown locally. Which is a dam site more than you can say for ANY supermarket chain in this country.
    (Quote from Ken Bart,private detective.)

    Many of the general public feel that High Street supermarkets are ripping them off.
    With all their massive buying power and own name brands,they are undermining the local butcher,baker,grocer shops.
    Will we one day all have no choice but to troop to the Hypermarket to purchase our foodstuffs?
    Will there one day be no corner shops?----.
    The Raymond st Clair/Gary Martin Beaver Saga.

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    Re: High Street Supermarket Ripoff?

    Shopping is such a bore.
    I have to drag myself down so many aisles to find the doggy biscuits.
    My local corner shop grocer doesnt have an in-store cafe,bar,creche,insurance desk,information stand,optician,cobbler and bank cashpoint.YAAAAAAWN.
    God-damn its soooo boring!

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    Re: High Street Supermarket Ripoff?

    Well it appears that here is something that Father and I agree on at last.

    Supermarkets are in my opnion sinister mafias who control the worlds food sources and dictate how and what we should eat.

    I gave up on supermarekts after my friend nearly lost everything because of them and in the last 7 years I have changed the way my family eats. My daughter has children and I am very happy that they are now eating healthy locally grown produce and meats rather than the bland poision filled stuff you buy in the supermarkets.

    My son is here with me at the moment for Sunday dinner and we were just talking about this as the chicken we are having comes from a farm 2 miles down the road and they are all organically fed and have huge amounts of land to roam around on and you have never tasted chicken like it.

    My grandchildren eats very few sweets and prefers passion fruit to most things. from reading I have done this should prevent them having some of the nromal teen age problems like spots etc. and they are always calm and polite and does not run around at a thousand miles an hour screaming thier head off because they are not high on sugar or chocolate or caffene.

    We now have a great freindship with our local suppliers and soem farms that we buy stuff from and I will never go back to supermarkets even the local chemist gets my custom and the local hardware store. Yes its more expensive in a lot of cases and its not as convenient but then nothing that is worth doing ever is cheap and convenient.

    Its part of being a community that makes you support the community. our village is not too small and not too big and we have a small major supermarket here and one of my wifes friends works in there part time but I wont go in there for anything nor will my wife and in fact Sheila who works in there still shops at the local shops whcih is great because it takes money from the supermarket and puts it back in the hands of the local stores.

    If more people jsut looked to the stores in their towns and villages communities would become stronger andbetter.

    Supermarket chains destroy communities, business, lives and lots more besides.

    There we are I have had my say for today now I am off to have some locally bred free range chicken with some veg from my allotment potatoes from the farm 5 miles yonder and a glass of beer from a micro brewery just outside warrington whcih is made from organic barley locally grown.

    None of which came from a supermarket.



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