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    Passion of Persia is a RIP OFF !

    used Passion of Persia carpet service few weeks ago
    and feel like I have been ripped off.
    first of all there was no technician that comes to your house
    u can only send your carpet to be cleaned.
    Theres only a voicemachine that answers your calls....
    No live answer,which means u cant talk to someone from the company in case u have any problems.
    the other thing is that the service was terrible and there was a big delay in the shipping back.
    the carpet wasnt clean at all, the big stains that were promised to be taken off were still there
    when i got the carpet back and there was no one to get service from afterwards....
    BAD experience , just sharing!
    The name of the person in charge of the company is Manuchair Bastani
    and their factory is at scottsdale, Arizona
    IF you decide to do business with them - ask them about Mathew !!

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    Re: Passion of Persia is a RIP OFF !

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