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    This is sad ... please sign and pass along !

    http://www.naturecanada.ca/advocate/...FRJxxwodf11DQw -- SIGN THIS PETITION AND PASS ALONG!!!

    Struggling against the waves, this polar bear faces almost certain death after becoming lost at sea in the Arctic.

    It is one of a group of nine to have plunged into the ocean after the ice float they lived on melted.

    The bears were spotted miles from their normal hunting ground by U.S. government oil survey scientists flying over Alaska's Chukchi Sea.

    Scientists found this polar bear swimming in Alaska's Chukchi Sea and fear it and eight others will drown in an impossible 400 mile swim back to shore

    However, because of global warming, the ice cap has melted so much that it is around 400 miles away - too far for the bears to reach.


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    Re: 网络电话

    Quote Originally Posted by fghi796 View Post
    网络电话按照信息产业部新的《电信业务分类目录》,实现PCTOPHONE,具有真正意义的IP电话。 目前国内的免费网络电话通话质量都在一个水平上,其实网络电话的通话质量完全可以与传统的电话相媲美的!
    I totally agree.
    Your mama's goes this way:

    It put a whole new slant on things.

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