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    The Loral Langemeier Scam

    Her radio ad is very persuasive and has so much energy and positive flow that you find yourself calling for the $9.95 package even if you have no desire to work in real estate. Well, I did anyway.

    The entire conversation was recorded but the entire recording was not made available to me as a caller, I only heard it when I called to find out why they had charged my cc a month after I received my package.

    It seems that if you do not return the package within 30 days (at your own expense) you are committing yourself to be billed $79.95 over a period of 5 months. I am positive that the person I talked with never mentioned that.

    I am also equally sure that she never mentioned the $6.95 package that was available to keep with no further obligation.

    I was scammed - but it was a scam of ommission on their part so I don't have a legal leg to stand on. Be warned.

    P.S. after 30 days has passed there is no option to return the package, they simply want your money then. Now THATS a scam. What does it matter if I return the books and pamphlets in 30 days or 33 days? :nervouss:

    Answer: It doesn't matter. But it is how they make their money.

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    Our experience with the Loral Langemeier people has not been good.

    Listening the radio ad one day, I decided to take a chance on the book, for which a fee was charged. I got the book and my husband read it through quickly.

    We were soon contacted by a person from this organization, attempting to upsell us on a mentoring program. Neither of us recalls what the price for this mentoring was going to be but we do remember that it was large enough to give us a warning signal to clearly rethink the whole process.
    We discussed it and decided against it. However, we were contacted again by their organization and this time it was a bit harder selling process. It moved on to an insulting phase which included a rather snide remark on the order of “Well, you’re this old and you haven’t reached the wealth you want. What makes you think you can get there without this program?”

    Needless to say, that kind of remark really wasn’t a good selling technique and we were very clear about our “No, Thanks” reply.

    But it’s not over yet! We were both under the belief that this would cancel all future obligations to the Loral Langemeier organization. Wrong, so wrong.

    I discovered a charge on my account for $67.00, made a few days ago by this organization. I called to get that reversed and was told that it could not be done. I was told this was for an online service that was free for the first 30 days but subsequently, a monthly charge would be incurred if not cancelled in advance. I told the story of the contact we’d had and that we believed everything had been cancelled as a result of that conversation. Oh, no, that’s a completely different department.

    We decided to call back and speak to a supervisor, which we did. His name was Lance. Lance advised us that it was company policy to never reverse this charge for any reason. Well, I suggested that I was only 10 days into the new 30 day period and therefore, it appeared that some resolution could be reached. He assured me that it could not be done. I then asked him to confirm that the first individual we spoke to this morning had in fact, cancelled the service. He advised me that it had not been cancelled. Apparently, I just never used the magic phrase “cancel this forever”.

    Is the mentoring and the program any good? I can’t say, I never got into it far enough except to learn their one key thing is to find things you are already doing for free and then start charging people for it. The motto is -- don’t be afraid to ask for the money--.

    Well, I can assure they are not afraid to get the money and they don’t do refunds. Poor business practice for the long term, we believe.

    Their sales technique is irritating and their refund policy is poor.

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    I am not sure what country you are in but here in Australia you could report them to the Consumer Affairs Commission - even if you ask to speak to the Manager (rather than just the supervisor) and threaten firms with this that is usually enough for them to refund your money.

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    The website LiveOutLoud does have some issues:

    On the home page under the paragraph entitled 'Live Out Loud' it says:
    During that time, the organization expanded to its current size which includes 3 locations: Novato, California, South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and Carson City, Nevada.
    Yet the very bottom of the page says:
    PO Box 36 Zephyr Cove, NV 89448
    No mention as to why the mailing address is not in one of the mentioned cities and no mention of the actual street address in those 3 cities.

    Heading on over to the LiveOutLoud site and clicking on the 'Terms and Conditions' brings up:
    We may alter these terms and conditions from time to time, and your use of the Website (or any part of) following such change shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such change. It is your responsibility to check regularly to determine whether the Conditions have been changed.
    Nice, they change it and you have to figure out what changed and how it affects you.

    The 'Privacy policy' says:
    We may share the personal information you provide with other companies we have hired to provide services for us.
    'Provide services' sounds like a nice way to say we send spam.

    The paragraph entitled 'Email' has a scary sentence.
    Any information that is submitted to us via email becomes our property and may be used at our discretion.
    You write it, they use it, scary.

    Clicking on 'Refund Policy' brings up 2 whole sentences:
    Products are returnable if in “Resalable Condition.”
    Refunds will be processed when the product has been received back to our warehouse
    Short and not informative. What is the address of warehouse, how long does processing take? Does the package have to sent certified mail, registered, and/or signature required? Is a RMA# needed?

    Heading to the checkout, at the bottom is link to the 'Live Out Loud Standard Terms and Conditions Agreement and Declaration', which turns out to not be the same 'Terms and Conditions' as listed before.

    The Products and Services sold shall include a 72 hour refund policy. If a client or customer provides notice to LOL that he or she wishes to cancel the Product or Service, then he or she shall be refunded the amount of the sales price or registration fee, less a cancellation fee as determined by LOL, and disclosed in the registration agreement, and less the prorate value of the Product or Service provided to the client or customer as of the date of the notice of cancellation.
    Is that 72 hours from when you order your package, from when FedEx picks up the package or from when you receive the package?

    Besides that, credit cards won't do refunds or chargebacks for ebooks or coaching.

    Way at the bottom of the page is says:
    Comments are closed.
    But no comments, was the comment section ever open?

    That site seems to have a bit of everything, real estate, books, CDs, DVDs, ebooks, coaching, webinars, even a blog (with one comment dated in March).

    What it is lacking is a price list, even when attempting to check out, you are suppose to give the site your credit card before they add tax and shipping to the total. Guess you are suppose to just trust that the tax and shipping will be added in correctly.

    Lastly, across the bottom of the home page are icons for BusinessWeek, NBC, CNN, FOX, CBS, Forbes, Dr.Phil, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times and Biz Radio Network.

    Icons, not links, they should be links to verify that she was actually showcased favorably on those companies/programs.

    In the end, it might be easier to visit the bank and close the credit card in order to stop the monthly charges.
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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam


    i looked at this page. 30 day trial for $1. doesn't look like anything hidden or tricky. its $149 a month after that. says you can cancel anytime.

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    I wasn't on the website, I did a call in. Even at that, after we were contacted and responded with a "no, we're not interested," we thought the charges would end. They did not. However, after my call to them about that charge, which was absolutely as firm as firm could be, the charges did stop. I will say that I called back the second time later that day, just to verify that the charges had been stopped. I found that they had NOT. So it even took a SECOND call to get it done for sure.
    My bottom line is that there are so many other coaching programs out there, why deal with this one?

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    Sorry to say that I was highly pressured into signing up for the Wealth Acceleration course only to find out that it wasn’t as described and that I would have little contact with Loral and her “expertise”.

    I wasn’t told how the course was to be delivered. I found out after signing up that my computer connection wasn’t up to handling their technological set up. When I called for a refund of my first payment, $2650.00 they told me that refunds were only done in the first 3 days. Since it was beyond that time and my equipment couldn’t handle their delivery of that course, my “support contact”, Valerie said that she had to talk with someone else about getting my refund and would call me back the
    next day or the next business day after that.

    I called on May 27 and she still has not
    called back. I called twice to the number of Loral’s “assistant director,” Shane and left messages to call me back about my refund. He has still not called back either.

    I signed up in good faith to take the course assuming I could access it with my computer.

    They didn’t tell me up front any computer requirements needed to take the course.

    I hadn’t come across any negative information before my recent experience. I’m one who cannot afford to lose money because I really needed the money that I used for the first payment to use for repairs - Shane knew that because I told him so.

    In my eyes, Loral and her accomplices are unethical and dishonest; they seem only concerned about getting money however they can and don’t seem to worry if they deliver any content or service let alone anything of value to their customers.

    I’ve always heard that businesses should overdeliver on value for the price. In Loral.org’s case, it looks
    like underdeliver value and jack up the price which, seems to me, equals scam.

    I am going to still work on getting my refund from Loral, Valerie, Steve, Shane and Tom.

    And, I’m blocking their access to my money.

    Too bad I didn’t come across this site earlier this year.

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    I cant go in favour with the above discussion. I just loved her workshops. Langemeier helped me get up to speed on marketing, sales, operations, finance, and management to keep my business operating effectively.

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    Quote Originally Posted by veraloral View Post
    I cant go in favour with the above discussion. I just loved her workshops. Langemeier helped me get up to speed on marketing, sales, operations, finance, and management to keep my business operating effectively.
    Thanks for stopping by, Loral! :)

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    We as well made the phone call after listening to Loral on our local talk radio. We agreed to the internet access program for about 60.00 I think it was. We would be charged that amount only if we didn't cancel in 30 days. My husband has called in to the phone number and asked for a 'Wealth Strategist' to contact him as the next step they recommend. No one has called back in 2 days and last night I told him to call back in again and tell them that is no way to run a so called business. Once again he left a message and so far today no one has called back which led me to do a search on whether we got sucked into a scam. I guess we need to try and cancel as soon as possible.:bah:

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    Loral is a scam. No question in my mind. If you can't get your money back with them, I strongly suggest that you call the Federal Trade Commission and post a complaint. In addition, contact your local consumer affairs division of your local state to complain. Finally, contact the Better Business Bureau in your location and file a complaint.

    I have found that this technique will work on most companies except the worst of the worst scammers.

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    Our Fraud Organization has been investigating Langemeier and we have had complaints from elderly people who have lost their entire life savings to the tune of Millions of dollars to Loral Langemeier and her organization Live Out Loud. Here is one such story one of our affiliates has posted to the web in one such situation. Follow the link for the story on this victim.


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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    Quote Originally Posted by taxguy View Post
    Loral is a scam. No question in my mind. If you can't get your money back with them, I strongly suggest that you call the Federal Trade Commission and post a complaint. In addition, contact your local consumer affairs division of your local state to complain. Finally, contact the Better Business Bureau in your location and file a complaint.

    I have found that this technique will work on most companies except the worst of the worst scammers.
    That is a good idea thanks. I signed up for the coaching and invested 13,000 dollars. That was actually very good for me, I made 99k my first year but still was charged monthly for the book i ordered. Frustrating, but the help they gave me was invaluable.

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    This i shocking and yes I would never rest until you received a refund. I have done this successfully with another high-cost coaching program. Please post your story too on www.guruadvisor.net
    www.GuruAdvisor.net: exposing the truth about the 'gurus' of personal development, business, marketing and health with real user reviews. Join our community

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    Loral Langemeier

    Only one getting rich is Loral.You get a free book,it only costs 67 bucks I hate these people!:1crysad:

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    Re: The Loral Langemeier Scam

    STAY AWAY. STAY FAR AWAY. This woman needs a lesson in reality. That you can't make contracts with people on not pay up on them. She makes these predatory mortgage people look like saints. She is several notches below a parasite. Behind bars is probably the best place for her so she can stop preying on the middle and lower class who are suckers for get rich quick scams.

    Go away Loral. You put a new meaning to the word scumbag.

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