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    Bishop Anders - Guru's Guide to Easy Cash - SCAM?

    Has anyone trie the Guru's guide to easy cash by Bishop Anders? He claims to be offering a product that requires NO blogging, articles, traffic, website, selling or list for just $37. Seems a bit iffy.

    I can only find one real review of this program online and it does not mention the actual system just the guy behind it -Bishop Anders. This was some guy called Bruce Weddings' post on another review website (warriorforum.com):

    "I'd never heard of this product until you posted... But I do know Bishop Anders personally and I'll tell you something.

    He's the real deal. He cares about his list and his customers success. He wouldn't sell junk. He doesn't promote anything he hasn't personally looked at (lets see others make that claim).

    Here's the bottom line:

    He will deliver what he says he will in the sales letter. So if you like it, buy it."

    Could be a legit posting or bogus. Anyone with any info out there? I would be most grateful.



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    Re: Bishop Anders - Guru's Guide to Easy Cash - SC

    All I'll say is that it's nothing new, it does work, but take the upsell for his software if you do it. I haven't used his software for this but i've used some of his other software and he uses good programmers.

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    Re: Bishop Anders - Guru's Guide to Easy Cash - SC

    I don't think there is anything like "easy cash" available online, if it was everyone would be rich

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    Re: Bishop Anders - Guru's Guide to Easy Cash - SC

    Fishy Fishy . . . .

    Heres what I found - seems the whole deal is junk


    I have cancelled my account. Got a lot of spyware-warnings on my computer and the programs were full of bugs. Only got a few programs to run (with no success). By the way several Twitter accounts were deactivated by Twitter because of using his Twitterprogram.
    Have written several emails to him belonging some program bugs, but got only an email, that I should follow the help-guide more carefully.
    Have written several posts on his forum asking for help with installing programs, but the post were deleted within hours.
    He is only communicating regular, when he is pushing his new programs.
    Stay away from this programs, it's terrible getting all this spyware-errors and it's hard to get rid off all the programs components while trying to deinstall !

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    Re: Bishop Anders - Guru's Guide to Easy Cash - SC

    I been on this guys list for years - Yeah, he's the real deal.

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