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    Academy of Wealth

    I have recently received a letter from a company in Utah. They are called Academy of Wealth. Here is their complete address and phone #:
    Academy of Wealth
    63 East 11400 South
    Suite 408
    Sandy, UT. 84070

    Academy of Wealth comes from the people that have brought you such scam classics as Platinum Wealth Group and Fortune Academy. Academy of Wealth is connected to Platinum Wealth Group and Fortune Academy. Two things caught my eye when I was reviewing the material.
    #1 The testimonials have pictures next to them of who gave that particular comment. The first testimonal is from Dennis K., Utah. This same individual had their picture on the envelope from Platinum Wealth Group.
    #2 Academy of Wealth is also offering a book and DVD combo just like Platinum Wealth Group and Fortune Academy did. This book and DVD has the exact same picture on it as it did for what Fortune Academy offered. I know because I have had this book and DVD combo from Fortune Academy. Academy of Wealth just re-labled a new name on the book and DVD. Fortune Academy's was called Wealth Creators Handbook. Academy of Wealth is Phenomenal Wealth Handbook.
    The Academy of Wealth letter may look and read differently from the same letters that Fortune Academy and Platinum Wealth Group had. The letter is just tweaked a little different, but still very much the same. Prior to Platinum Wealth Group, there was Dynamic Wealth Academy. All these companies mentioned here Dynamic Wealth Academy, Platinum Weath Group, Fortune Academy and now Academy of Wealth is all connected, and deceptive business practices. I have also added comments on Fortune Academy. Feel free to do a search. The BBB has stated that companies will set up shop in more than one location and under more than one name. Coincedence.
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