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    Old Souls and Soul Mates by Atun-Re

    I just received this short article and thought it might initiate an interesting discussion if I posted it here. This information was channeled by Kevin Ryerson and provided by the ancestor Atun-Re. Atun-Re is an ancestor of Nubian descent and an Egyptian Priest who lived during the time of Akhnathen. He was considered an initiate of the Pyramids, a master of sacred theater and at one time the head of the Egyptian Army. When he lost his family in war he renounced violence and went into the priesthood. He was considered a priest of Ptah and Sekhmet and was the master architect of the city of Akhetaten.

    Old Souls and Soul Mates by Atun-Re

    You ask how we would define an "old soul"? We say, in humor, that an old soul is but a slow learner. The designation of an old soul is strictly relative to the experience of the soul in a particular plane of existence where you perceive time and space. The very word old it self implies the concept of time and lengthy experience. Therefore, a soul that began to have experience upon your earth plane perhaps five hundred thousand years past and continues in cycles of reincarnation would be an old soul upon this plane, with many lifetimes of experience. A soul beyond the sector and experience of this particular plane that would come in within your last few centuries would be a new soul to this plane, creating a new reality. But all those souls were created simultaneously, many billions of years past. So your five hundred thousand years becomes but a drop in the ocean of the total experience of the soul.

    To understand soul mates, you must understand yourself strictly as a spirit. First, you were created by God and you were created in God's image. God is a spirit, so you were created as a soul. God did not wish souls to be alone, but neither did he wish them to become heady. Therefore, he created them in perfect polarities of male and female; and those polarities could be reversed, of female and male. So therefore, the souls are androgynous and yet they have mates. For in order to create their reality, they were to be in a continuous oscillation, so that they could then have movement. This was not to bind them or chain them. it was to give them perfect individuality within all the dimensions of perfect sensitivity and at-onement. So they were individual, yet it took two to create, two to make a single witness of the reality they observed.

    So that is your true soul mate, one with whom you are a co-creator of the universal forces. Occasionally, you may meet your soul mate on the earth plane, but this is usually in the form of identical twins. It is very rare that soul mates meet and marry. But you have many soul twins. These are souls with whom you have a common experience in many incarnations and are usually members of your soul group. So therefore, they become your soul twin, with whom you are highly compatible and you may marry. Soul twins have shared so many incarnations, so much similar service, and so many similar actions-or identical karma-that they are you twins relative to your spiritual growth.

    The soul mate is a consciousness with whom you were created long before the birth of gods, when there was only one great God, one great spirit. For you were created as soul mates so you would always have another consciousness to bear witness to your reality, so you would not be alone, and so you would not have too much ego and would always be one with the divine."

    This would be much in line with the readings of Edgar Cayce though he reversed the definitions of soul "mate" an "twin."

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    Re: Old Souls and Soul Mates by Atun-Re

    So who is this guy?

    Kevin Ryerson is a world renowned author, lecturer, award winning consultant, and expert intuitive and trance channel in the tradition of Edgar Cayce. He explores intuition, past lives, soul awareness, creative power, altered states of consciousness, futurism, and other of the most relevant issues of our time. Kevin's work is featured in books, films, and throughout the media, both nationally and internationally. He provides experiences that dramatically touch and change people's lives. His stated life work is dedicated to bridging the gap between science and spirituality....between heaven & earth.

    Shirley MacLaine features his intuitive abilities in her best sellers Sage-ing While Age-ing, Out on a Limb, Dancing in the Light and It's All In The Playing. His research work is featured in the books Flower Essences, Spiritual Nutrition and most recently in Dr. Walter Semkiw's books Return of the Revolutionaries and Born Again, and Dr. William Kautz's Opening the Inner Eye. Kevin has appeared on Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America and CNN's Crossfire.

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    Re: Old Souls and Soul Mates by Atun-Re

    the third eye is a single eye!?if thine eye be single,thy whole body will be filled with light!?ever meet cross eyed people!?their inner vision is focused on a single source!?like it's the tip of their nose!?: :crazy1: :sun_smiley: hehe!!.....just askn...
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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    Re: Old Souls and Soul Mates by Atun-Re


    At a party, while waiting for the arrival of Laura and Oliver Bradford, blind pianist John Hillgrove plays a tone poem titled "The Enchanted Cottage," which he wrote in their honor, and relates their story to his assembled guests: In the nearby countryside, a great estate lies in ruins, the main house razed by a fire. Only one wing survived the flames, and legend has it that the original owner, an English nobleman, remodeled the wing and has begun to rent it out as a romantic hideaway for honeymooners. Intrigued by the legend, Hillgrove asks his young nephew Danny to guide him to the cottage. There he meets the current owner, an aloof widow named Abigail Minnett. The music of romance eludes Hillgrove, however, until one day, Laura Pennington, a homely young woman, arrives at the cottage to apply for a job as housekeeper. Lonely following the death of her mother and ostracized because of her appearance, Laura falls under the cottage's spell. Mrs. Minnett, devastated by the death of her husband during World War I, feels a kinship with the girl and hires her to work as a maid for the engaged couple who have just rented the cottage. Soon after, the couple, Oliver Bradford and his fiancée, Beatrice Alexander, arrive. Beatrice is disappointed by the cottage's simplicity, but Laura assures her that the place is enchanted and shows her the window on which lovers throughout the ages have etched their names. When Oliver starts to etch Beatrice's name using her engagement ring, the stone falls out of its setting, creating a sense of forboding. Oliver, a pilot, is called to war before he can be wed, and soon after, Beatrice cancels their lease. One year later, a telegram comes from Oliver, stating his intention to rent the cottage for an indefinite period of time. Expecting to greet the newlyweds, Laura is shocked when Oliver arrives alone, his face horribly disfigured and his arm disabled from an airplane crash. Soon after, Oliver's shallow mother, Violet Price, his stepfather Frederick and Beatrice come to visit, but Oliver refuses to see them. Angry and bitter, Oliver slowly becomes softened by Laura's compassion and common sense. One day, Hillgrove comes to meet Oliver and reveals that he lost his sight during World War I, but that his love of music offered him new vision. Sensing that Oliver is filled with self-pity, Hillgrove counsels him to accepts his disabilities. Three weeks later, Oliver receives an ultimatum from his mother: either come home or she will move in with him. To fend off his mother, Oliver proposes to Laura and she accepts. After their wedding, the newlyweds send for Hillgrove and avow that they have experienced a physical transformation. Laura explains that they both believed their marriage a farce until their wedding night when Laura tried to voice her devotion to Oliver and suddenly, the room became filled with enchanted music and she saw Oliver as he was before the accident. Now realizing that he is truly in love with Laura, Oliver sees his wife as a beautiful woman. Their illusion is shattered, however, by the intrusion of Oliver's mother and stepfather. Although Hillgrove tries to reassure them of their son's newfound peace and happiness, the Prices see only ugliness and imperfection and insult Laura's appearance, thus shattering the dream. Mrs. Minnett consoles them by stating that their love gives them a gift of sight unlike any other, and later that night, Oliver inscribes their names on the window. His thoughts returning to the present, Hillgrove continues to play the piano as Laura and Oliver approach the portal to his house and embrace, their beauty restored by love.

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    Re: Old Souls and Soul Mates by Atun-Re

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