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    The Owl of Babylon

    thisa very important matter. But what's underneath Bohemian Grove is even more sinister (in more than one sense).

    Molech is not represented by the Owl a - He has many faces. Originally he was a Canaanite god to whom human sacrifices were offered. Later, he was a general symbol for authorities that corrupt or destroy humans, especially human political systems.

    Lilith is often represented as a Spider or bird of prey - - but more often - a vulture or eagle. Basically any creature that seemingly deceives it's prey before killing them. (preying mantis, venus fly trap, spider's web, etc.)

    Ive never seen Lilith portrayed as a spider except in D&D as Lloth. Lilith is almost always depicted with wings, because according to the bible she grew them and took flight and she typically had talons for feet.
    But the Babylonians called her Ishtar and the older Summerians called Lilitu, the hand-maiden of Inanna.
    Lilith is further associated with the Anzu bird, Anzu meaning owl, but more often translated to eagle.

    It's interesting that Molech was a Canaanite. According to the bible, Canaan was inhabited by the Nephilim during the time of Abraham.
    she was blamed for babies dying.

    Lilith/ Inanna/ Ishtar.
    The myth of Moloch was propaganda established by Augustus Caesar in order to expand his empire into Carthage.
    The myth was expanded upon by a Jesuit writer named Jacobus Masenius(Jacob Masen), who Milton plagiarized from for his Paradise Lost.
    Moloch being the owl is a complete and total fallacy cooked up by Alex Jones.
    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: The Owl of Babylon

    There was a very large OWL in my backyard yesterday.
    I was wondering about the symbolism.
    You always seem to answer my questions before I ask them.

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