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    Workmans Compensation scammer?

    In about an hour, I will be off to my health club.
    There is one individual I will likely see since he goes to the club every weekday at the same time. He is about 50 years old.
    He will ride a difficult and exhuasting step machine, lift weights, and spend time on the treadmill. He is very social and likes to talk. You can also catch him playing pool Friday nights at a local bar.
    None of the above is unusual, except that I have been told he has been on permanent disabilty for many years due to a construction injury, and therefore has not worked in years.
    He might not be able to perform at his old job, but it SEEMS obvious he is far from incapacitated either physically or mentally.
    I do not understand why he has lived free off our tax dollars rather than being retrained in any one of many disciplines of which I am quite sure he could function well.
    Is this guy a scammer, or is it possible there are other legitimate reasons he might not be working?
    He seems normal to me with no visible limitations.
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    Re: Workmans Compensation scammer?

    Very informative and interesting post.
    Thanks for sharing...

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