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    Internet Connections - I Made This One City Center

    I'm so excited! - You see I enjoy social networking and had an unexpected visit to my profile with a comment from Mark who left an ad which of course I didn't appreciate - would much rather of had a nice flower picture - etc., lol I didn't take the time to even read it, noticed it was a business proposition of some sort and immediately deleted it.

    I then went to my messages and noticed this same person had sent me a long message obviously telling me who he was and what he could do for me...In haste as we often do always being in a hurry on the net and seeing this type stuff all to often I immediately without reading entirely again sent a reply to Mark telling him I'd appreciate him not spamming my profile and he had alot to learn - "Oh Boy!" Have you done this? I think we all do - well this nice man was kind enough to write back and tell me pretty much what a fool this girl was - guess what I did - That got my attention when taking the time to actually read what this guy was writing and then going to google and checking out his business a bit...

    Connections - we need them - this connection turned out to be pure gold to my business and not only has he become one great friend - he completely taught me a new approach on marketing. He rebuilt my website - helped me learn tips of why I should move that website - optimized it and showed me one of his techniques for getting top quality advertising! Interested?

    Well you'd better take my advice on this one...Don't make the mistake I did you just might not get the second chance... Mark :zx11pissed: Go to that website - click on your state - click on your city and apply to be the host in your town. You will get top quality advertising for doing a little bit of work managing that directory...

    Just wanted to share my good fortune - My future is so much brigher and if you get to know this guy - hes one great guy to know... Good luck guys - Thank you Mark!

    It will sky rocket your business - If your lazy - its not for you!
    And always keep in mind building an internet business no
    matter what you do takes time...

    Have a great week..
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    Re: Internet Connections - I Made This One City Ce

    Looks like one more idiot did not read the rules.

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    Re: Internet Connections - I Made This One City Ce

    Quote Originally Posted by borisf96 View Post
    Looks like one more idiot did not read the rules.
    tell me about it i come back to this forum after a year, And all i see is people trying to promote there sites and spamming, Fucking retards.

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