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    Ad Surf Daily Members Fight Back Nationwide

    :sun_smiley:Ad Surf Daily Members Fight Back Nationwide - Petition The United States Senate.

    "Whereas the members of (ASD) Ad Surf Daily request the United States Senate hold hearings, and investigation of Mr. Michael B. Mukasey Attorney General, Mr. William Cowden, Mr. Jeffrey A. Taylor of the Attorney General Office, and Mr. Roy Dotson Special Agent United State Secret Service, and (ASD), and, we the members request that ASD members funds be released, and ASD resume business."

    :angel:First review the petition and sign it if you would like to:

    We would love to here your comments.

    ASD Members Petition

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    Re: Ad Surf Daily Members Fight Back Nationwide

    Good job. Please include all of your phone numbers and addresses in petition. This way AG would know exactly who to prosecute for spreading ASD scam.

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    Re: Ad Surf Daily Members Fight Back Nationwide

    The AG's already have this information. That is why they did a complete dump of the ASD system. They have all of our information. In addition don't you think that when you completed the W9 they would not have taken copies of them as well.

    Sign this petition urges others to do so that agree with what it says. As it is writen understand it, this petition will be sent to the Juciciary Committe of the US Senate, which has oversight on the operations of the US Department of Justice, the Attorney General of the US, and the US Attorneys under their control.

    The Judiciary Committee is empowered to conduct hearings and investigations concerning allegations of misconduct and malfeasance on the part of US Attorneys while acting under color of their position of office.

    Also my understanding that the US Attorney General (the cabinet-level officer of the DOJ) is briefed daily on the progress of all matters that the US Attorney's Office is engaged in, so he would be apprised of the matter being pursued against ASD on that basis. Letters and phone calls to that office could carry some weight.

    Because the government is involved, our battle is also a political one. All government officials who have input and control over the situation need to be made aware of it. We can sit back and complain about the government all we want, but in the final analysis, it's the government we have, and we as citizens should be participating in it to the fullest extent we are able to represent ourselves.

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    Re: Ad Surf Daily Members Fight Back Nationwide

    I have a great idea How about if all the dream killers and the once believers sign a petition to get Andy locked up. Do you think they might listen?
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