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    Processing Mortgage Refunds: Does anyone know about this work from home business?

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    Re: govworknow.com

    coming from someone who has more common sense, I can tell you it's bogus.

    processing mortgages...? that's HIGHLY illegal - or at least questionable - considering by its nature it means being involved with random peoples' confidential (or so you would hope) personal information.

    avoid it like the plague.

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    Re: govworknow.com

    Unlikely to be legit.

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    Re: govworknow.com

    From what I understand, technically it's not illegal - but it's pretty much impossible to pull off, because there are so many warnings about trying to use 3rd Part tracers.

    For example at HUD they have this warning up:

    'Beware of "tracers" who offer to help you collect your refund for a fee. Although this practice is not illegal, you can get your refund directly from HUD for free.

    Let us know if you have been harmed by a tracer or someone who asked you to become a tracer."

    Let's just say it's almost certainly easier to sell people on the IDEA of becoming a processor/tracer than actually trying to do the "business".

    How far back does this go...wayyyy back.

    Here's a warning/announcement from the FTC in 1997:

    FTC Announcement Warning

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