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    Dyanamic pricing: Newegg and Amazon

    People have talked about this and it is SO hard to prove. These companies use the electronic sophistication of the internet to change the price you are seeing, or paying, at any particular moment, resulting in more profit for them.

    An example. I saw a computer monitor listed at Newegg.com for $180, $165 after rebate, and put it in my cart, but did not checkout. Two days later, I go back, see it still in my cart and add some other items. I notice the price was now $190, but because of all the numbers (taxes, shipping, etc.), assumed that I must have gotten confused.

    But after buying the monitor and then seeing the price back down at $180 again, I can clearly remember that's what it was when I put it in my cart. Why didn't I do something at the time? Because no one expects prices to change on a daily basis. That's how they get away with this stuff - YOU assume that they THEY are honest! If you were in a brick and mortar store, you would NEVER expect to see a price go up for couple days and then come back down again. And there is NO WAY they can have a special price for specific customers.

    But these online retailers notice what you are interested in, what you have in your cart, your wishlist, etc. and they change the price that YOU see. Yes, YOU may see a different price than anyone else, because they know you are interested enough to pay more. They have cookies on your computer, they ask you to login. Ask yourself - how do you know what prices other people are seeing?

    Watch for this slimey kind of retailing. I know some may see this as paranoia or conspiracy theory BS, but it HAS been known to be going on. And I know it happened to me at Newegg.

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    Re: Dyanamic pricing: Newegg and Amazon

    Here's what specifically happens with these rebate products. I wasn't real clear on the first post because I was talking about the general problem.

    The monitor is on sale for $180 with a $15 rebate, and the rebate period is July 1-30. When they get to the last week of July, knowing that customers will feel an urge to jump on the rebate before it goes away, they raise the price to $190. But they don't tell you that they plan on having another $15 rebate right after that, for the period Aug. 1-31, and that the sale price will go back to $180 at that point too.

    Is this misleading? Manipulative? A scam? You tell me. I don't like it all.

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    Re: Dynamic pricing: Newegg and Amazon

    I have to make one more follow-up because there has been communication with Newegg and I am convinced they have been dishonest with me.

    About the time I posted this originally, I was contacting them about the price changes. They denied, denied. They claimed there was no record of these price changes. But then the support woman on the phone told me (verbally) that I would get a $10 store credit and asked if that would satisfy me. Since I felt, at the time, like I was getting the original price, I accepted that and thanked her. I later found that they have an explicit policy against NEVER giving store credit, PLUS, in the the month following this verbal commitment I have received no email about this, nor does my online account with them show anything like a credit! And what do they say when I call NOW and ask about that? You guessed it!

    So I have conclude that they have been dishonest with me about the price manipulations and have lied to placate me.

    AND at this point they have yet another rebate on that item that supposedly lasts for only 30 days. That makes at least 3 months in a row, continuously, that there has been a rebate!

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