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    Less shipping and handling... of course

    ALWAYS REMEMBER ... you will pay out the ass to have something shipped and when you return it that doesn't get paid back.

    It is actually a business of it's own. Anything with Life time replacements, refills etc. same deal.

    Don't fall for it. :sun_smiley:

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    Re: Less shipping and handling... of course

    I am failing to see how thats a scam. You pay the company for the product....then they use the shipping they charged you - to pay postage (ups, usps, dhl), if you recieved the product then you got your shipping $s worth. They shouldnt have to refund you....that part of the service was actually delivered. However some companys do refund shipping if the product is defective.
    Now quit your yappin!! :2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: Less shipping and handling... of course

    I should have clarified myself better. It's this JUNK being sold on info commercials that have outrageously high s&h charges and expecting returns.

    Also Things with life time replacements for "free"... well the price of the S&H is more than the cost of the item. So you "think" you are getting a deal but you're not.

    I'll sell you a pair of Blue Jeans and guarantee them for LIFE. All you have to do is pay the S&H. Have you noticed that the prices are never posted anymore?

    The best ones are the Free Extentze or Vitamins... All you pay is S&H. Same with get an "extra set" of what ever it is on that info commercial for S&H.

    When something costs a dollar and they give it away for free but you pay 7 buck to get it you really didn't get that great a deal did you.

    But people never think that far ahead. How about the lifetime wiper blades? Ever see what It cost for shipping?

    I was going to sell a ... well, never mind I might still do it. But you are correct ... it is a service. But you never thought of it as THE service did you. The trinkets you buy are just for the postage. :madgo:

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