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    Freetricity A Great Company With Great Products

    The fine people at Freetricity called me and asked me if I would visit this site and post my experience with them and, after reading all the silly nonsense here about them I will be more than happy to do so.

    I have had one of their 300 watt systems for about 18 months and it controls my autogate opener and my shop lights. It worked great when it was new and still works great today.

    My brother-in-law recently got one of their new windmaster systems and it is far superior to mine in almost every way so I'll be ordering one of those too very soon.

    I couldn't recommend them more highly!

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    Re: Freetricity A Great Company With Great Product

    They called me and asked the same thing and I agree that all the nonsense written about them is ridiculous.

    I have had the Windmaster since late April and any suggestion that it does not work or that it does not preform up to its advertised expectations is absurd.

    Freetricity has my total support and I recommend them highly!

    Dallas, TX

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    Re: Freetricity A Great Company With Great Product

    They contacted me via email and asked me to post my experience as well.

    We have three of their units. A small 100 watt system we have had over 2 years and two of the new WindMaster systems we purchased and received in May. The little unit does considerably less but it is still up and running. The two new units are far more powerful so we are ordering one of the OutBack GTFX2524 Grid Tie inverters from Freetricity and are going to wire both windmills into it so as to begin net metering.

    I found Freetricity and it's employee's (especially Morgan she is very knowledgeable) very professional and their products I can easily recommend as I already have to my family and friends.

    So, if you're interested in saving energy and money call them @ 866-577-1861


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    Re: Freetricity A Great Company With Great Product

    I am a retired police officer from Temecula CA and they contacted me too to post my experience with them.

    I had a 300 watt system for about a year and had hardly used it (although it certainly worked once I figured out how to wire up the charge controller) when they offered to upgrade my system to the WindMaster.

    The WindMaster is a far superior product and I couldn't be happier with it. It runs my entire barn, the office in it, the stall lights and water pump.

    I totally support Freetricity and would also highly recommend them and their products.

    If anyone would like to contact me for my opinion of Freetricity you may do so at agumbaguy@yahoo.com

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