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Thread: Online Casinos

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    Online Casinos

    I had noticed there isn't so much advice available for people that play casino games online.

    Just a word of warning, if you are choosing a casino make sure that it is not one using Real Time Gaming software.
    I admit to being a bit of a casino addict so from experience I know these casinos are not trustworthy and there are many complaints about them on the internet.

    The main issue is that the casino operators are able to change the payouts of the games thus decreasing the chance of winning.

    I have noticed this especially at Club USA Casino which is part of Club World Casinos. The owner is Jonathan Ferster who is not only arrogant and rude and uses an alias Steve Morgan but he lies and cheats too. Not a great combination for a Casino owner to have.

    Many other Real Time Gaming operations are exactly the same and many have closed down owing their players much money.
    The latest scam artist was Warren Cloud who died recently at 34, he owned Crystal Palace group of Casinos that bilched many millions of dollars from players. His casinos have now closed and I presume there are many casualties due to this.

    My best advice if you want to play online is to stay well away from RTG casinos and do research before playing.
    If casinos do cheat then contact your bank and claim you do not recognise the charges, it seems to be the only recourse for these scam operations.

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    Re: Online Casinos

    There are many online casinos on the Internet and almost all of these resources are aimed at pumping money out of trusting customers. I suggest to study the list of casino slots with fair gaming system http://alla-online-casino.com/.Это it will allow not only beginners but also experienced players to try their luck and their gaming skills.

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