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    Miracle Mate Survey Pro Inc.?

    Just got a letter in the mail from Miracle Mate Survey Pro Inc.along with a check for $4,995.00. It is for some type of mystery shopping program and smells like a rat.

    The only information I could find was from this website


    I'll quote her statement here to make it easier.


    There is a company sending out checks in the amount of $4995 to average every day people telling them to cash the check, send $4400 of it by MoneyGram to some woman in Canada, then $150 to cover the fees of money transfer, $105 to spend at a local store, the rest is for that persons training. Some secret shopper crap scam.

    The company goes by:
    Miracle Mate SurveyPro Inc.
    4886 Hammer Drive
    Sellingham, WA 98226

    The check was made out of an account from:
    Miracle Mate USA
    3886 Hammer Dr
    Bellingham, WA 98226

    Miracle Mate USA is a legit company- they manufacture vacuum cleaners- I called them this morning, they are fully aware of this scam, their bank account was closed (the checks were forged checks!). If you would have cashed this check and sent money, you would be liable for everything you cashed.

    Luckily, I stopped the person dead in their tracks before they could go cash this check, I made the proper calls and informed her that it was a scam. If you or anyone else you know gets a bogus letter with a check in the mail- realize it is a scam!!

    A legitimate company would NEVER send you cash in the form of any check or the like without a contract between you and them. They would require more information from you too, not just a check in the mail with demands of you cashing it and sending the majority of it through some money transfer service.

    Please don't fall victim to this kind of scam. Always refer to the BBB or google the information!
    Just wondering if anyone has run into this?
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    Re: Miracle Mate Survey Pro Inc.?

    Yes I received a check for $4,995.00, with instructions to call them first before I deposit the check in my bank account...hmmm, guess what I did first, right a google search on the bank, and on the company and then to here to post this thread...really stupid to think that anyone would believe that to test a Money order company service that you would need to send $4,400.00, this is the third time I have been presented with this type of scam...am I on a list? thanks...ronniii

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    Re: Miracle Mate Survey Pro Inc.?

    I also got a check for $4995.00 with the same instructions as above. The bank was Anchor Bank in Arden Hills, MN, and the issuing company was "Cashwise Supply, Inc." in St. Paul, MN. I googled "Survey Pro Inc." and found this, along with a similar report on www.ripoffreport.com. Beware!

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    Miracle Mate Survey Pro Inc.?

    I received the same letter but from the company name SurveyPro, Inc. and the address is 101 Sun Avenue, NE Albuquerque, NM 87109

    Besides getting this check for $4,995 the letter itself was very unprofessional. The copyright symbol was as big as the company name along with various type o marks.

    Both my husband and I knew this was a scam but was curious if someone would answer the phone. Some guy answered. And the jerk's response to my questions was "didn't you read the letter." What an idiot!

    It's ashame that we have to protect ourselves from people that this!

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    Re: Miracle Mate Survey Pro Inc.?

    I got a letter like this today, from Survey Pro, Inc. I was immediately suspicious as it starts out by mentioning a reference to a recent job search I'd made. I've not made any such search. The check is from Aaron Brothers, drawn on a Wells Fargo account. I did like a lot of you and decided to do a google search on Survey Pro, Inc and wound up here.

    Funnily enough, I dropped the check, which my dog immediately grabbed and ripped to shreds.

    The other part that made me suspicious is the address is a P.O. Box in Texas. The postmark on the letter is Canada. Seems a bit silly for a company, supposedly located in Dallas (DFW Airport) would send mail through Canada, does it not?

    Wonder if the companies listed at the bottom of the letter, using their logos, know about this. Mine has Money Gram, Pizza Hut, Western Union, Starbucks, Wendy's, and Sears.

    I feel sorry for the people who don't know enough to research things like this.

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