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    Interesting Facts.

    Marconi was originally credited with inventing the "wireless radio"; the precursor of the modern radio. However, Nikola Tesela had invented this device some years prior to Marconi. However, Teslea was a rather eccentris genius and was more interested in inventing new devices and machinery than being concerned regarding fame or commerce. This all occured in tha very late 1800's. In 1943 Teslea was finally vindicated by the world court decision that he was in fact the priciple inventor.
    Additionally, Teslea invented the electric motor; both the D.C. and A.C. version as well as the Alternating Current Generators which today provide all of our electricity. He invented many other items, including envisioning Microwave energy and building huge towers on the coast to generate Microwave energy wjhich would power ships and submarines.
    With much of this he never received proper credit or acknowledgement as the inventor. These devices were mostly plaragized by Thomas Edison.
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    Re: Interesting Facts.

    Good thread but I'm afraid I cannot to show the interesting facts in English.

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