Hi, my name is Philip Tysenn and i have been scamed more times than
i have fingers, toes, organs, and bones, if you have been scamed this
manny times you might want to read what i have to say.
I am starting an organization to prevent scamers, we must
inform our youth about these scams before the big wig comapnies
and their scams get to them first! We need to shut some of these comapnies
down. If you have been scames once or twice you know that its no fun
and how you feel like crap you just lost your familys food money for the
week or you have to ride your bike to work because you dont have any money
for gas this month, or you have to use candles because your eletric bill
doubled this past month. Im right their with you i know how every one of
thoes instances feels! Now its your turn to get back at the big wigs and
their scams! So feel to email me @ Tysenn1@aol.com or
Call me @ 954 692 4926.
Thank you for your important time in reading this.

- Philip Tysenn